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About Ultra Cleanse Guide and How  It Started For You

About Ultra Cleanse Guide page lets you know how Ultra Cleanse Website started, and how you will benefit from it, especially if your body is becoming "rusty".

Imagine if you can lose weight and be healthy. Imagine if you can age gracefully with no aches or pains or diseases, and have an even-toned complexion? If I can do this then you too can reap the benefits.

How Early Cleansing Motivated This Website

I was introduced to colonic cleansing and parasite cleansing, at a tender age by my late maternal grandfather. Those days were definitely not out of choice. Oh no! Definitely not.

However it had a great affect on me, as I believe the seeds for cleansing was planted then.

My interest in cleansing blossomed during adulthood, with colonic cleanse and weight loss cleanse, as I was on the heavy side.

Ultra Cleanse Guide was started to share what knowledge I have with the rest of the world. So, other than this, what else can I fall back on to write such a website....

Why I Am Qualified to Write for You About Whole Body Cleanse

I am not a specialist in this field, mind you, but I have acquired knowledge through experience and research.

This Ultra Cleanse Guide is partly written from my own experiences in cleansing. And partly, from the research I did, when I was so passionate about cleansing my body. I still continue to cleanse as I do research for this website.

My biology background as an ex- biology teacher allows me to write about cleansing and detoxifying the physical body.

On this About Ultra Cleanse Guide page, let me tell you briefly about my journey...

I'm Ready To Give Back to the World

I opted out of teaching to pursue my interest in knowing who I am. I went on a journey of self-discovery. Of course, it's a never-ending journey. Wanting to know who I am, began way back in childhood.

However, now I am happy and at peace as I have satisfied my curiosity, and am ready to give back to the world, some of the knowledge that I have acquired along the way.

The last ten years, I did inner work, a form of cleansing too - mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing.

Thanks to SBI

A while back, I decided to do a Website about inner cleansing. I was guided to do a website on cleansing the physical body through a software called Brainstorm It at SBI.

I love SBI because without SBI, I would never have been able to set up any website. I had been trying to get a website up for so many years, but never managed to, as I found myself overwhelmed by all the techie stuff.

Thanks to SBI I was able to start my first website - Ultra Cleanse Guide. Not only does SBI have an Action Guide videos that tell me what to do, but there are tons of unseen help that goes behind the scenes. This puts the site on Search Engines, for people like you to find it.

And so, Ultra Cleanse Guide was born. It's aim is to inform people like you, the way to live a comfortable and healthy life with an anti-aging body, through the right sequence of cleansing and detoxifying the physical body.

What Are the Cleanse Benefits You Can Reap

Picture adapted from Wikimedia Commons

At Ultra Cleanse Guide, you learn how to cleanse your physical body, the correct way. Yes, there is a correct sequence to cleansing so that you get the maximum benefits.

The important benefits are to:

  • Remove Aches and Pains
  • Remove Pigmentation
  • Have More Energy
  • Stay Healthy
  • Reduce Weight

I can tell you for certain that it is an anti-aging process. Experience it and you will know it is true.

Why cleanse? Let me tell you why, on this About Ultra Cleanse Guide page.

Are You A Rusty, Blocked Pipe Or A Hollow Flute?

When a rusty pipe is turned on, dirty-looking brown water splutters out. However if the pipe is clean, crystal clear water gushes out.

Similarly when your body is relatively clean and you are like a hollow flute, your life force or energy can flow freely with no obstructions to cause aches and pain.

Who wants to be like a rusty, old blocked pipe which blocks the flow of energy within the body? I want to be a hollow flute which allows the easy flow of energy to create the music of a healthy and graceful life? What about you?

Let us see on this About Ultra Cleanse Guide page, how you can be a hollow flute.

How Whole Body Cleanse and Detox Can Make You a Hollow Flute

Picture adapted from Wikimedia Commons

Body aches and pains, pigmentation, disease and the difficulty in reducing weight is the result of the blockages present in the body.

Cleanses and detoxes help you get rid of these blockages in the form of toxins, parasites and stones from your physical body.

A Whole Body Cleanse is important for you to age gracefully, as it allows for the free flow of your life force energy.

I say age is about the state of your body, but with the right state of mind.

After the sequence of cleanses, my chubby face and thick midriff definitely toned down. Yours can too!

Enjoy and have fun doing them!

End of About Ultra Cleanse Guide and me.

With Best Regards From

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