Who Is a Walking Sewer?

Body toxins cause autointoxication or intestinal toxemia. These toxins are released from decaying and putrefying waste matter lining your colon walls. Imagine a cesspool. How much of bacteria and toxins are produced? Billions, maybe trillions!

Phew! Where Does That Smelly Body Odor Come From?

Bristol Stool Chart Reference: Wikipedia

Do you suffer from  intestinal toxemia? Body toxins cause it. 

If a cesspool is near your house, imagine how smelly your house will be.

Similarly, your colon can become like a cesspool. The toxins will be released into your bloodstream and affect every part of your body!

Phew! Where does that smelly body odor come from? What can you do? L

You can cleanse your colon of body toxins, and be free of toxemia symptoms such as constipation.

Auto intoxication hypothesis was first recognized by the Egyptians followed by the Greeks.

"Autointoxication: Poisoning by toxic substances generated within the body"

-Webster's New World College Dictionary

Historical Thoughts About  Autointoxication

  • The Egyptians were the first to believe that fever and pus in the body can be caused by autointoxication. That is, the body toxins collect in the colon, enter the blood system and poison the body.
  • The Greeks further concluded that bile, blood and mucus also contributed to autointoxication.
  • In the 19th century, biochemical studies by supporters of intestinal toxemia, such as Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, believed that it shortened the life of a person.
  • They also believed that autointoxication took place as a result of the inability of the colon to eliminate its waste matter which ultimately collects in the intestines.

Sometimes radical surgeries were done to remove the colon. 

The On and Off Popularity of Auto Intoxication

  • In the early 20th century, by 1920, this hypothesis about a toxic colon was no longer accepted as a cause for disease as there was not enough scientific evidence.
  • However today the hypothesis is being revived again, and a toxin cleanse, through colon cleanse programs are gaining popularity again.

"Self-poisoning resulting from the absorption of waste products of metabolism, decomposed intestinal matter, or other toxins produced within the body. Also called endogenic toxicosis."

-The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language

Does a Sluggish Colon Cause Autointoxication?

Some medical doctors and surgeons, through their own medical and surgical experiences, know the possible causes of a sluggish colon and the reason for chronic constipation.

Decomposing feces and undigested food that contain harmful bacteria and even human parasites, together with mucus released by the intestinal walls, deposit along the colon walls.

The micro-organisms release toxins adding to other Body Toxins already present. The toxins when absorbed by the blood, poison the rest of the human body.

This self-poisoning is called auto-intoxication, intestinal toxemia or endogenic toxicosis.

The fundamental reason is a sluggish colon and it's consequence - constipation...

What is Constipation?

It is the result of slow bowel movements due to a sluggish colon. Waste matter has been sitting in the colon for days, weeks or months and has hardened. The result is difficulty in passing motion.

Below is the Bristol Stool Chart that shows the different kinds of stools from being constipated to watery diarrhea...

Elimination is difficult because the colon is impacted with waste matter, made of feces, undigested food, and hardened mucus. It contains a lot of bacteria and parasites.

The lumen or the space through which the tightly packed stools have to travel has narrowed. Waste matter moves slowly. A colon cleanse is necessary to move it normally.

Toxins are produced.

An average chronically constipated person can have at least five pounds of feces and other gunk permanently established in their colon.

They are actually walking sewers!

 Is Constipation, a Symptom of Auto intoxication?

Chronic constipation could be a symptom of autointoxication, as the toxins in the waste matter spills into the bloodstream.

Colon toxicity or intestinal toxemia is the basis for many colon and other diseases.

If you move your bowels three times a day, or as many times as you eat, you have a healthy colon.

You also eliminate soft well-formed stools that are one to two feet long and around one and a half inches or slightly more in diameter.

Then your colon is not sluggish. You are neither constipated nor suffer from autointoxication, so you will not suffer any colon diseases.

But if you are constipated, you need to cleanse soon!

Colorectal cancer is on the rise...

Colorectal Cancer Statistics

Colon Diseases In 2006

In America:

  • More than 139,000 Americans were told they have colorectal cancer
  • 70,270 men and 68,857 women were diagnosed with colorectal cancer
  • 26,801 men and 26,395 women died from colorectal cancer

Reference and Source and Most Recent Statistics at:

CDC Gov Website Reference 1 and CDC Gov Website Reference 2

It is believed that intestinal dysfunction, especially the colon is the cause of colon diseases like the Leaky Gut Syndrome or Leaky Bowel Syndrome.

Other colon diseases like diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndromes, colitis, ileitis and others are common.

Around 100 000 colostomy surgeries are also conducted each year in the United States.

The best way for you to prevent auto intoxication is to remove body toxins.

Colon cleansing clears the colon of waste matter and Mucoid Plaque, which contain toxins. It regulates bowel movements, and constipation could be a thing of the past.

When body toxins especially those in the colon are cleared, there are no toxins that  go back into your blood.

However colon cleansing is not advocated by the mainstream medical fraternity. Instead there seems to be a silent "war" waged against alternative therapies.

Have You Heard of the Silent "War" Against Alternative Therapies?

A colonic cleanse is a technique recommended in alternate therapy. It is not done in mainstream medicine, as it will not benefit the drug companies. They are all out to keep people dependent on drugs, which suppress symptoms. 

There is a "silent" war against many types of alternative therapies, and colon irrigation is not an exception. No drug company is going to spend on research on the positive results of colon cleansing methods like colonic, and prove its efficacy.

The drug industry is a billion dollar industry. They do not go to the source of the disease and cure it, as alternate therapies do. Why? Because it means the person cured is no more their consumer.

Our own common sense is enough to tell us that if impure water moves through a plumbing system in a lethargic way, a lot of deposits get deposited and will soon begin to block the pipe.

Air alone can create an air block which will stop water from flowing...

How You Can Prevent Autointoxication

Hardened waste deposits, and gas from putrefying and decaying food in your intestines can also block your colon, and cause intestinal toxemia.

The best way for you to prevent autointoxication is to remove body toxins.
A good colon cleanse will cleanse body toxins, especially those in the colon, so that it does not find its way back into your blood.

Do a Whole Body Cleanse beginning with a colon cleanse. Then cleanse toxins from your liver after a kidney cleanse. This stops auto intoxication or intestinal toxemia, as there are no body toxins to spill back into the blood stream from the colon.

Remember to do a Parasite Cleanse too, as parasites, produce toxins that add to the toxins already present in the body.

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