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Do you have a best colon cleanse method that consistently gives you great results. Is it a natural method or some other way? Are you ready to share it with others, so that they can decide whether to follow that method or not. Share it here, with those who want to know how to clean their colon..

Your Best Cleanse Procedure

Many of us have our favorite method of getting our colon purified. Do you have one that you like very much because it has given you awesome results. Or maybe one that was easy. Or one that you still can go out without having to worry about going to the toilet suddenly. Or one that was simple but effective.

To summarise, please do share if the method:

  • Has given great results
  • Is easy to follow
  • You do not have to stay by the toilet for the rest of the day
  • Is simple yet effective

Many Natural Methods

There are many natural colon cleaning methods such as the following:

  • Herbal Cleansers - using herbs is a great way to purify your colon. If you look at the ingredients in some of the colon cleansers, you will find different types of herbs in them.
  • Enemas or other colonics - use some simple enema solution such as salt  solution and you have a natural method.
  • Salt Water  - drinking salt solution in the morning is a good natural way to clean your colon.
  • Water Therapy - drinking around two liters of water, first thing in the morning, flushes your colon clean.
  • Juice Fasting - drinking just fruit juice is also another natural way of getting your intestines clean.
  • Water Fast - this natural method is different from water therapy where you don't eat but only drink water throughout the day.

Or maybe something not even listed here. Either way other readers would like to know how to purify their colon, and your experience would help them decide what method to follow.

Even if the method created problems, please do write about it,  so that readers can know what to avoid.

Please do share your story using the form below.

What Is Your Method That You Consider the Best?

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What Is Your Best Colon Cleanse Method?

Do you have a great colon cleanse method that you feel is the best in the world, to share with us?

Why do you feel that it is the best of the best?

What results did you get using this great method?

If that is a colon cleanse that you swear by, tell us about it.

Once approved, I will publish it into a webpage on this site. Then you can invite your family and friends to see your page.

If you like, you may add up to four pictures.

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