Inner Body Cleansing

Why Is It Not Advocated By Doctors?

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. - Buddha

Body cleansing was carried out in ancient times. It is only recently many inner cleansing program are met with doubts and question marks. Why? Mainly because it is not advocated by doctors.

There are many nay sayers when it comes to inner cleansing.

Colon and liver cleansing is not popular with modern-day doctors of the allopathic kind. They are kept ignorant, mainly by drug companies whose only interest is getting the sick to be dependent on their chemical-based drugs.

Many people believe these modern-day doctors. They say that if the colon is self-cleaning, what is the reason to cleanse the colon?

The colon is self-healing when it is healthy.

If you have a healthy colon, it will eliminate as many times as you eat! Otherwise your colon is not really self-cleaning then, is it?

The reason for the poor elimination is the lifestyle and the junk food that many people tend to eat, and not because of the colon.

The nay sayers always use the excuse that there is no proof by way of research, showing that cleansing the colon or any other organ is beneficial in terms of health.

How can there be any research done? Most research is done for drugs, which can be sold at a price, by the drug companies who want to keep the patients dependent on them. No drug company is going to do research that will result in a cure.

The drug companies definitely do not want any methods or herbs that will eliminate the root cause of the disease and cure the patient. Where is the money coming. then?

Anyway, if a patient has to do a colonoscopy, the doctor always prescribes a colon cleansing before the colonoscopy is scheduled. Where is the self-cleansing colon then?

Let me ignore the naysayers and continue with "inner cleansing". Some are age-old health systems which can cleanse the body.

Why Cleanse?

It is our responsibility to keep our body healthy. We can do it with a Full Body Detox.

Our body is self-cleaning. There is no about that. The colon sloughs off old cells from the surface.

The liver produces metabolic toxins daily which is eliminated. However elimination becomes a problem when there is too much of additional toxins in the body.

Here are some of the extra toxins we take in everyday:

  • Pesticides and herbicides in plant food sources
  • Chemical preservatives and additives in processed foods
  • Drugs and medicines
  • Air pollution

In addition, the presence of intestinal worms can cause overload of toxins.

With this overload, the liver cannot eliminate the toxins in time. The liver has no choice but to keep the toxins away from the main body system by storing it in fat tissue, joints and muscles.

If the colon cannot eliminate the toxins easily due to constipation, the toxins can be reabsorbed by the blood causing autointoxication or toxicosis.

So it is very important for us to cleanse our body - do a whole body cleanse. When I first did a Full Body Detox, I reaped a lot of benefits.

I became slimmer. Before I found it difficult to lose weight. I found my joint pains amazingly disappeared. I also found it so easy to sit cross-legged on the floor for longer periods of time. The pigmentation on my face reduced drastically.

Inner Body Cleanse - An Age-Old Method

Inner body detoxification is advocated in Traditional Indian Health System (Ayurveda) and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). If you look at the History of Colon Hydrotherapy, you will see that enema, a type of colon hydrotherapy to cleanse the colon was also advocated in the West as a means to cleanse the colon in early years.

In the East, cleansing is a way of life and Ayurveda started more than 5000 years ago. It has a program to cleanse the body, called “Panchakarma” which literally means five actions.

If cleaning the body was advocated so long ago when the world had so little pollution, how much more do we need to do a body cleanse now? Surely with all the pollution in the air and all the junk fast food that is consumed, a full body detox is important to be healthy.

In Indian Traditional Medicine, cleansing uses Ayurvedic wisdom, Ayurvedic diets. You can follow them to give yourself a thorough colon or liver cleanse easily.

"Ama", is the Ayurvedic term for Body Toxins, which in the early morning, you find as the white substance coating your tongue. It also coats the inner parts of your body.

Other than the inner beauty that is revealed by whole body cleanses, it will also radiate as outer beauty. The outer beauty that radiates as healthy skin, glowing face and hair as well as teeth can be enhanced with outer body cleanse.

Outer Cleansing

Cleansing is not just cleansing the inside. It is also important to cleanse the outside.

This website has so far talked about the cleansing of the inner organs, with due importance given to the sequence of organs to be cleansed. Cleansing the organs is important as we seldom do so. It is an important part of cleansing the body, but there is also outer cleansing.

Your skin, face, hair and teeth can look their best with a little help from you. You can enhance your outer beauty by cleansing the skin especially the face, as well as the hair and teeth.

Let us take the wisdom of cleansing the body, and focus on having both inner and outer beauty. Let us listen to ancient wisdom of the importance of body cleansing with herbs or enema and following a healthy lifestyle.

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