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What Is Ayurveda Ama?

What Is Body Toxin or Ayurveda Ama?

A clean, pink tongue indicates a healthy colon.

Body Toxins or Ayurveda ama are produced by the body as a result of poor digestion.

If ama is allowed to build-up, it creates a poison, Amavisha, which results in disease. Do a Whole Body Cleanse to remove it.

The digestive system produces, a white sticky substance.. This ama is the result of eating the wrong foods.

Is your tongue pink, early in the morning like the picture on the left? The you're pretty clean inside. Maintain it with whole body cleansing twice a year.

Body poison is the whitish stuff that coats your tongue when you get up in the morning. If it builds up in your teeth, it causes plaque in between your teeth after some time.

When you are sick you can see more ama in your mouth, when you get up.

If you do not take care of the ama produced in your body, through a whole body cleanse, it will build-up and finally move to other parts of the body, and becomes the second type of internal toxin that is a toxic poison called amavisha.

The Result of Ayurveda Ama Build-up

Ama, is sticky and clogs the channels. It clogs the physically visible channels and organs like the digestive tract, the bronchi, the lungs, arteries and, the liver and the kidneys.

It is dangerous when it deposits in the arteries. A person can suffer from clogged arteries (arteriosclerosis), which is due to the build up of plaque.

Ama even clogs the subtle channels. The invisible, subtle channels are called nadis or meridians and are recognized and documented in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are 72 000 subtle channels or nadis. These nadis are the passageway for life force, or prana or chi to flow. The easier the flow of life-force energy, the healthier the person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Imagine what happens when these subtle channels through which the life force flows, get clogged. Yes, disease is created.

The Poisonous Amavisha

Wherever this mild form of toxin or ama settles, and is there for a long time it imbalances the subtle energies in that area.

It becomes the toxic amavisha. Amavisha means ama poison. It is the cause of disease.

Do the following to remove ama and amavisha...

How To Be Rid Of Toxic Poison

Do Whole Body Cleanse, at least twice a year to remove and prevent the build-up of ayurveda ama; colonic cleansing for a week at first, followed by one cleansing a month.

Eat regular meals of good, natural, easily-digestible foods that are warm, to ensure good digestion. Find out what your body type is, according to Ayurveda tridosha system is, through online Ayurveda Consultation.

Once you know the predominant energy in your body, you can eat the types of food that balances the energies, gives good digestion and prevents the formation of the body toxin called ama, which overtime becomes the toxic and poisonous amavisha.

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