Colon Cleanse Experience

The Most Unforgettable?

Do you have a tale to tell about your first colon cleanse experience? A funny, serious or for that matter any story about your first colon cleanse or your most unforgettable colon cleanse.

If you have had an unforgettable cleanse, you can motivate and inspire other readers. Tell them what to expect and what not to do during a cleanse based on your experience! 

Do You Have A Great Story About a Cleanse?

You can tell the tale to your family and friends, so you can inspire them to cleanse and be healthy. Or it may just be a fun tale. You have the chance to place it in a webpage on this site.

I too would like to hear about your best or your first or your most unforgettable colon cleanse.

My first colon cleanse is etched in my memory. Whether it's my first or not, I'm not sure, as I was not even going to school or even kindergarten then.

When you are young, your senses are very heightened. So your sense of smell and taste are so strong that any taste that is horrid can be etched in our subconscious memory for a long time. 

Share Your Story of Your Colon Cleanse Experience

Have A Great Story About a Cleanse?

Do you have any tale to tell about your most unforgettable cleanse experience?

What made you do your first cleanse? Did you take your own initiative, or were you forced into it when you were little? Was it the most awful experience? Or, was it a funny one? Share it here!

Tell us your tale by using the form below!

Read my colon cleansing story called, "My First Colon Cleanse Tale" below, under "What Other People Have Said."

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