Colon Cleanse Naturally

Natural Ways to Detox and Cleanse Your Colon

How to colon cleanse naturally? Choose any natural cleanse detox from a cleanse fast to a high colonic cleanse. Or, use colon cleanse herbs.

There are many other ways to cleanse naturally for a healthy colon and body. 

You can use the amazing Bentonite Clay or Psyllium Husks to effectively cleanse your colon.

Water and Salt Water too are very effective as colon cleansers.

Here are some of the natural and gentle ways to do a natural colon cleanse to keep yourself fit and healthy as you get older.

What Are The Ways?

Bentonite Detox

A Bentonite Detox can result in the removal of toxic build-up, heavy metals and parasites from the colon. This draws out more toxins from the blood supplying the intestines, and they too are removed.

Enema Cleanse

Enema bag to do enemas which cleanses the lower part of the colon effectively.

Enema solutions such as water or any other natural solutions such as coffee, is introduced into your rectum through the anus, to flush out your colon.

Only the lower part of your colon is cleansed.

It is a natural colon detox that is effective, and can be done in the comfort of your home with an enema kit.


Also called high colonic cleanse, colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy. Here, water is introduced into your rectum through the anus. It cleanses the entire colon.

You can do High Colonic Enema, at home, with a large enema bag and a colonic board.


Water fasting where only water is consumed

Water Fasting

During this type of fasting colon cleanse, you take only water for a period of time. This can soften the mucoid or intestinal plaque over time, and clear the colon of waste and other unwanted matter.

Juice fasting

Juice Fasting

You abstain from solid food, for up to 40 days. You can take as much juice as you want for this detox juice fast. Colon cleanse naturally with fruit juices to cleanse yourself effectively.

Herbal Preparations

There are many types of colon cleanse herbs, on the market that you can use for a herbal colon cleanse.

There are many colon cleanse products in the market, and choosing the right one is essential for a natural colon cleanse detox detox.

Let us look at some ingredients that you can include to cleanse your colon naturally...

Ingredients To Colon Cleanse Naturally

Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay which cleanses the colon of intestinal parasites, toxins and heavy metals.

It is a clay powder which efficiently and effectively absorbs and adsorbs all unwanted parasites, toxins and heavy metals and eliminates them from the colon. You can use it as a mask, bathe in it or eat it, to cleanse the skin and colon.

Soluble and Insoluble Fibers

Soluble fibers absorb water and form bulk to ease bowel movement. It also loosens the mucoid plaque, absorbs toxins and eliminates them.

Insoluble fibers on the other hand does not absorb water. It too, cleanses the colon.

Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber which cannot be digested.

Chlorophyll or Other Leafy Green Vegetable Juice

One of the effective ways for a heavy metal cleanse. Green vegetable juice contains chlorophyll. Chlorophyll can bind heavy metals and eliminate them from the colon.

Carrot And Apple Juice

Carrot and green apple juice have been very effective in removing toxins from the colon.

It has been used by many therapists for cancer patients with a lot of success, as a good amount of toxins are cleared from the body.


This does not cleanse the colon directly. Probiotics supply the friendly intestinal bacteria that maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the colon, while fighting the harmful bacteria and yeast.

Water or Salt Water

Colon cleanse naturally by drinking either plain water or salt water first thing in the morning. This helps you do a complete intestinal flush. It is cost effective and flush effective. Only the taste may not be to your liking.

Colon Cleanse Herbs

Using a herbal cleanse is a colon cleanse procedure that is a natural way of keeping your colon healthy. But make sure you know that the herbs used in any commercial products are safe.

You can do any one of the ways with the ingredients above, to colon cleanse naturally. However, to maintain your new healthy colon, you must revamp your lifestyle.

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