Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight

There are many ways to lose weight. Colon cleanse weight loss is an important and effective, basic weight loss option.

Many over-sized people are looking for the latest, most effective and easiest ways to reduce weight and keep it off. Why? Because they have yet to find an effective way to boost their lose weight programs.

My Experience in Weight Reduction

My "Eureka" Moment

I have tried the so-called best weight loss program of the day, and other top weight loss programs. At the end of each one, I would lose weight, but by the next month I will be back to my previous weight. Sometimes even more! Sounds familiar?

I could never keep off the weight I lose, unless I drastically change my lifestyle by changing the way I eat. This will last for a while and then I will be back to eating as before and back comes the weight.

Last year as part of my research for this website I opted for a whole body cleanse instead of a colon cleanse weight loss program.

And, by doing a whole body cleanse, I discovered an effective way to lose weight without even intending it.

Eureka! It was an “ah ha” moment for me! I realized I stumbled on to the secret to effectively lose weight. And, without all the suffering for days on end exercising and watching what I eat. It may not be a secret to others but definitely one for me.

The Secret To Weight Loss

The secret for me was to do not just a colon cleanse weight loss program, but a complete body cleanse. Since then till now I do not have to watch what I eat. But that does not mean I overeat. I remember like many others, in the past I used to gain weight by just looking at food! Not any more though.

For your weight loss program to be effective, you must address the cleansing of your whole body first. A Full Body Detox and cleanse will greatly help in your quest to become a slimmer you.

In fact for me that was all that I needed...a Whole Body Cleanse!

The colon cleanse weight loss method can help your weight loss options to be more effective. But remember this is just the beginning, as the total body detox is the key.

Why, Colon Cleanse Weight Loss?

Have You

  • Been constipated
  • Eaten a lot of meat
  • Eaten mostly junk food with white flour and white sugar
  • Ever done a colon cleanse
  • Ever removed any parasites from your system
  • Ever done any kind of liver flush

If you are constipated, then that is a sign that you have toxic waste in your colon. To top it, if you love to eat meat, there may be parasites. These parasites cause the bulk. They also produce toxins which then increase that  bulk.

How Does Your Colon Protect You From Toxins

To ensure that toxins do not affect the rest of the body, your intestinal walls will secrete mucus to protect the walls from absorbing the toxins. This mucus together with the waste matter and toxins may result in mucus plaque, over time.

What Does Colon Cleanse Do

The colon cleanse weight loss process removes excess toxins, feces and the dreaded Mucoid Plaque from the colon.

By losing mucoid plaque that contains accumulated waste and toxins from the colon, you can lose pounds - as much as five pounds or more. You not only lose a good amount of weight but can get a flatter stomach to boot.

If you are heavy especially in your abdominal region, there is a good chance that you have a lot of accumulated waste matter in the colon, which a good Bowel Cleanse can get rid off.

What Stubborn Fat!

A colon cleanse weight loss program is no doubt an effective way to begin to lose weight. However it is not the end.

Your colon may not be the only part guilty of storing waste matter in it. Do you have a big tummy or hip that refuses to slim down, no matter how you diet and how many contortions you do in the gym? What stubborn fat! I know what it is like as I have experienced it.

That stubborn fat is cellulite. It consists of toxins that cannot be processed by the liver, as there is too much of it. These toxins are stored away under the skin in water, in between fat cells. Once cellulite forms, it is difficult to be rid off.

What is the real weight loss cleanse...

What Is Weight Loss Cleanse?

Lose weight

By flushing out the waste matter and intestinal plaque, you can pave the way for better digestion and even an increase in metabolism. All this will help you to begin to lose the weight you want.

Many colon cleanse programs are referred to as a weight loss cleanse. However I believe that a Whole Body Ceanse is the real Weight Loss Cleanse.

A total body detox consists of a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a kidney cleanse and a liver detoxification. And by doing this series of cleanses, lots of toxins are removed, including those in cellulite.

It is easier for the body to lose weight and maintain your new weight easily, when cellulite is broken down by the removal of toxins from it..

The colon cleanse Weight Loss is just the beginning.

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