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What A Great Bowel Cleanse

Colon flush is a form of colonic cleanse or bowel cleanse that washes out the colon of feces and other waste matter.

How many people bother with the insides? People are only bothered about keeping their outsides clean by bathing and grooming.

They use perfume and deodorant without realizing they do not need all that if their colon does not smell like a sewer! It is as the saying goes: Out of sight, out of mind.

What is the purpose of doing a colon cleanse? Also read about sluggish colon and some facts about the colon.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy is a form of bowel flush. It is the modern name for plain old enema, but with gallons more water, and with higher penetration of that water into the colon.

This type of high colon cleansing can be very beneficial for your health.

During a colon hydrotherapy session, about 25 gallons of water is flushed into the colon, through a speculum which is inserted into the rectum.

Waste matter in the colon is easily dislodged and evacuated through the evacuation tube.

To do colon irrigation, you can make an appointment at a colon hydrotherapy clinic near your home.

Home Colonics

An ideal alternative to colon hydrotherapy in a clinic is to get an enema kit

and do the colonics at home.

Of course there are other ways to cleanse your colon...

Flush and Cleanse with Herbal Preparations

Another way to flush out the colon is to use herbal preparations. This is convenient for those who stay at home, because the urge to defecate may come at any time. Pretty inconvenient for those who commute to work through traffic.

If you have any major health condition or any growth in your colon, please consult your physician before indulging in a colon cleanse.

Is It Necessary To Do a Colon Cleanse?

There are many who believe it is not necessary to cleanse your colon. They argue that the colon can clean and renew itself by sloughing of old cells. And, it does not need any intrusive tube to push up water to clean itself.

In that case we also need not bathe either, since the skin is also sloughing off old cells. You all know, how dirty the skin can become if we do not bathe or shower daily.

If the colon is clean, why do the medical doctors give patients a liquid to drink to clean out the colon, before colonoscopy?

If the colon always cleans itself, how is it possible for some people to be infested with intestinal worms?

Why Do One?

  • To get rid of the waste matter and intestinal or mucoid plaque, collected in the colon for a long time.
  • To remove toxins that have accumulated due to a sluggish colon, which otherwise can get into the blood stream (auto intoxication) and cause aging and/or disease.
  • To remove all parasites lurking within the waste matter, or that is rotting in the colon.

Is A High Colonic Cleanse Safe?

I believe it is safe to do a high colonic cleanse such as colon hydrotherapy or a High Colonic Enema, as long as all the precautions of inserting the tube is done properly and the water pressure ensures a comfortable irrigation.

When done carefully, you do not have to worry about puncturing your rectum.

Health Begins In The Colon

It is your duty to keep your insides clean, as you keep the outside. By doing an intestinal or bowel cleanse once in a way, to ensure a healthy body.

You have also heard the saying that disease begins in the colon. Similarly health begins in the colon.

There are a few organs responsible for elimination. They are the colon, kidneys, lungs and skin.

The colon is the first of these that needs to be cleaned, because the liver sends toxins and excess cholesterol in bile, to the colon to be eliminated.

Colon flush is an effective Bowel Cleanse.

Colon Flush Is An Effective Bowel Cleanse

Colon flushing is an effective bowel cleanse method to keep you away from conditions such as a sluggish colon, constipation, joint pains and pigmentation.

I believe a colon flush together with the liver flush, is one of the secrets to anti-aging.

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