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Common Detox Questions and Their Answers

Here are some Common Cleanse and Detox Questions asked through my contact form and through the Detox FAQ Invitation page. They were not entitled a page as the question was too short. So, I've compiled them below.

Question: How to detox the liver? 

Answer: There are a few different methods to cleanse the liver. You can find them at Liver Flush 

Question: Do I need a liver cleanse? 

Answer: I feel that everyone who lives in the city need to cleanse and detox their liver at least twice a year. The reason is the polluted air we breathe in everyday. If you live in the countryside where the air is fresh, have a healthy life style, have no aches and pains, no illness and have a good complexion, you need not do a liver cleanse twice a year. 

Question: What symptoms can you have when your liver becomes toxic? 

Answer: Go to the topic " How Do You Know If You Have a Toxic Liver and So Need a Liver Detox Cleanse?" at Healthy Liver 

Question: Can liver stones be soft?
Answer: Yes liver stones can be soft and cut as shown in the picture at Cure Zone

On my first liver flush, a few muddy looking particles came out which seemed to be soft. I only saw chaff floating from my second liver flush. During my third liver flush the stones were green as in the picture above.

Question: What is the difference between liver stones and gallstones 

Answer: You can read the difference at Liver Stones and Gall Stone.

Question: Why do you need a whole body cleanse more when you get older? 

Answer: Assuming you have not done regular whole body cleanses or for that matter any organ cleanse, then you need to cleanse your whole body. Why? Because of the accummulation of toxins from the environment over the years. These toxins are stored in different parts of the body such as joints, in fat tissue under the skin etc. Accummulated toxins also means that your colon and liver are not removing toxins as they should. 

Question: Can Psyllium Husks be taken when breast feeding?

Answer: Psyllium husk is safe for anyone as long as you're not allergic to them. Allergic reactions occur when in your line of work, you had to handle tons of it. Therefore Psyllium husks are safe to be taken when breastfeeding. It can also be taken by pregnant mothers.

Question: Is Psyllium Husk a laxative?

Answer: A laxative is any food or drug that loosens stools.  In this context, yes, Psyllium husk is a laxative, but a very natural laxative in the food category.  It's a bulk producing agent due to it's fiber content, which helps move stools through the intestines.

Question:  I suffer from high blood pressure. Can I take Psyllium?

Answer: Psyllium or Psyllium Fiber is a natural fiber supplement and will not affect your high blood pressure or hypertension.

In fact one study done, which was published in the journal (Clinical and Experimental Hypertension) showed that a diet of Psyllium lowered blood pressure in overweight men who suffered from hypertension..

Question: Can Psyllium Husks be used to treat diarrhea?

Answer: Psyllium husks acts as a binding agent and so can bind excess water in the intestines and remove them. It also has the power to loosen stools and help in constipation, by moving the bowels.

See Benefits Of Psyllium

I'll add more detox questions and answers on this page as my readers ask.  

If you have cleanse or detox questions that you'd like answered, go to the Detox FAQ and fill in the Invitation Form you see on that page.

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