Do I Need a Liver Cleanse

by Francine
(Michigan, USA)

Your Questions:

1. How do I know if I need a liver cleanse?

2. Are other cleanses needed first?

3. Should the procedures be supervised by a doctor?

Kamala's Answers:

Francine, I feel every adult needs to cleanse the liver especially if they have never done so. This is because of the food we eat and the polluted environment we live in.

Now, let me answer your questions:

1. You will know if you need a liver cleanse if you experience the following:

  • You suffer joint pains

  • You lack energy and feel lethargic

  • Your skin is not even-toned and has pigmentation

  • Your nose is larger than before

  • Your abdomen - your midriff is large

  • You have difficulty in conceiving

2. Yes, a whole sequence of cleanses are needed before you begin a liver cleanse or liver detoxification. Do the Whole Body Cleanse which ends with the Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

3. These cleanses are safe to do if you are healthy. Just start slow and be gentle with your self especially if you are just beginning. But, if you have any unhealthy conditions or diseases, then please consult a doctor.

Once you have done the whole body cleanse you can keep your system clean by following with a Bentonite Detox. Just ensure that you use a pure, natural and edible Calcium Bentonite Clay.

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