Enema Kits

Enema Bag/Bucket and Colonic Board

Enema kits or equipment are basically the same. The container for the enema solution can either be a bag or bucket made of sturdy material. Enema supplies can also contain a colonic board made of high impact plastic or stainless steel. And of course other parts such as rectal tips and tubing.

The Different Parts Of The Enema Equipment

The Enema Bag Or Bucket

To have a colon hydrotherapy experience at home, such as in a colon hydrotherapy clinic, the bigger the bucket or bag, the better. A Five Gallon Bucket is the best.

You can use a one Gallon Enema Bag. The disadvantage is you have to get up to fill it with water at least three times to give yourself an enema three times, if you want a minimum of a three gallon flush. Of course even a one gallon enema bag is better than none.

My enema bag has lasted for more than 12 years, and still looks as good as new. I know it will last for a very long time.

Five gallons of water will thoroughly clean your colon. And for that you need a bucket as seen above on the right. It even comes with a colonic board.

The bag can last you a life time, if it is made of sturdy material.

Rectal Tip

The rectal tip is a short tubing that connects to the surgical tubing through which water flows from the enema bag or bucket. The rounded tip of the rectal tip is then inserted into the anus through which water flows into the rectum and colon.


A long surgical tubing has a check valve to control the flow of water.

Colonic Board

A Colonic Board is an excellent investment if you find it difficult to hold the water in your colon. It comes with its own 5 gallon bucket, rectal tip and tubing.

The colonic board is made of high impact plastic.

It is specially made to give you comfort and is stable enough to hold someone who is 250 lbs heavy.

One side is placed on the toilet whereas the other is placed on the seat of a chair.

The Colonic Machine

There is one more equipment - a colon hydrotherapy machine that you can use at home. It is similar to the equipment that they use in hydrotherapy clinics. This can be mounted on the wall.

You can use a colonic board as you give yourself a session.

There are other colon hydrotherapy machines, like the one above that you can use, while you sit on the toilet bowl.

The water that flows into your rectum, is filtered. Its temperature can be adjusted to suit your body temperature.

Anyway, why own a good enema kit?

Why Own A Good Enema Kit

I recommend the supplies that can last a long time.

Having a good kit is economical and practical as you can do a high colonic cleanse anytime you want or need.

However if there are other members of your family who want to give themselves an enema, it is best to get the disposable enema supply.

I do recommend a High Colonic Enema with one of the home enema kits or the colon hydrotherapy machine. You will have to give yourself one to realize how good a colonic is to remove Body Toxins and other debris from your colon.

To give yourself a colon irrigation in the privacy of your home you need an enema kit.

Top of Enema Kits

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