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Why Do A Whole Body Cleanse

Ever had a full body detox? What is a detox and what is a cleanse? Why detox? What does the liver and a waste disposal unit have in common?

Imagine what happens to your skin if you not bathe for two days. If you stay in a tropical country, you can rub of dirt with your fingers. How about your insides?

A whole body cleanse is important to remove toxins that keep bombarding our liver from all sides...

Cleanse Body Toxins with a Whole Body Cleanse to keep aches and pains at bay, give you a beautiful blemish-free skin and a slim body, as you age gracefully.

First let's see what a detox and what a cleanse is...

Detox vs Cleanse

Let's get some idea of words detox and cleanse. Dictionary.com says the following:

1. Detox from the word detoxification refers to the metabolic process by which toxins are changed into less toxic products that are more readily excreted.

2. Cleanse means a clearing...that is a removal or elimination of the accumulated toxins and other waste.

So after a detox, the less toxic products or the resulting metabolites are removed or cleansed. This means we cannot separate them as two independent processes. They happen one after the other.

So, the words, "detox" and "cleanse" will be used interchangeably on this website, so that searchers can easily find these pages for more information.

Our body naturally detoxifies toxins into nearly harmless substances, which are then excreted by other excretory organs in our bodies thereby causing a body detox and cleanse.

So if our body naturally detoxifies and cleanses, why on earth do we need to do detoxify and cleanse?

Why Do A Full Body Detox?


A full Body Detox is important.

It seems pointless to do a cleanse or detox, if your body already does it on a daily basis. Doesn't it? No, it is not pointless and here's why...

We eat all kinds of food. Some are healthy, but many food that are bought from the supermarket or local grocer is filled with chemical additives. Meat can also contain worms if not cooked properly that will infect your intestines. 

The colon gets rid of some of the foods as waste products if you are not constipated. Otherwise, it remains in the digestive and could cause all kinds of problems from constipation to parasitic invasion.

Cleansing and detoxifying the colon is important, as part of a full body detox. It ensures that the colon efficiently removes waste products from the body easily, without being constipated..


A kidney cleanse will help the kidneys stay in prime condition and excrete toxins. Healthy kidneys remove toxins sent by the liver to be excreted.


The function of your liver is to metabolize carbohydrates (glucose), proteins (amino acids) and fats (fatty acids). The other very important function of your liver is to break down toxins daily, that is it detoxifies the body toxins present.

The resulting products or end metabolites are released. Partially through bile into your intestines and excreted in the feces And, partially through your kidneys and eliminated in the urine.

Pollution from All SIdes

The air you breathe, contain toxins like carbon monoxide, soot and other unhealthy chemicals. The water you get from the kitchen pipe is no longer fit for consumption.

Processed foods contain preservatives and chemical additives. The vegetables from the market have pesticides and herbicides.

Meat is from animals where hormones have been injected in them. Drugs are made from chemicals, and actually create more detoxification work for our livers.

Body Toxins

All this and more become toxins in your body, and they are sent to the liver to be detoxified.

How overwhelming for the poor liver!

Can the liver function properly? No! But a full body detox or a whole body cleanse will certainly help your body function better, by eliminating toxins through your colon, kidneys and liver.

What does your liver and the kitchen waste disposal unit have in common.

Your Liver and Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit

Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit vs Liver

Our liver is similar to a kitchen waste disposal unit.

How Does The Kitchen Unit Get Stuck?

If you throw all kinds of starchy food and big pieces of vegetables continually into your kitchen's waste disposal unit, it will one day grind to a halt.

How To Make The Kitchen Unit Work Again?

If resetting the button underneath the kitchen waste disposal unit still does not work, then you may have to open the top and reach in to remove the waste stuck inside it.

If nothing else is wrong with it, it is going to start working as normal. After that it will continue to serve you for a very long time.

Just make sure, you do not throw all kinds of rubbish into it again.

How Is Your Liver Similar?

If you keep ingesting all kinds of food containing toxins such as coffee, alcohol, drugs and meat, the liver becomes less efficient in detoxifying.

If you breathe in toxic air and eat toxins through processed foods, meat, sugar, coffee, alcohol and prescribed drugs such as antibiotics, your liver is bombarded on all sides with toxins.

As a result it finds it difficult to detox as it should. It will also slow down and not be as efficient as before. It cannot keep up with the large number of toxins brought by the blood.

How Can You Help Your Liver

Unlike the kitchen waste disposal unit, you cannot stick your hand into your liver, to pull out the toxins.

But, you can help the liver by doing a liver gallbladder cleanse or liver flush. But do you start with the liver when you begin your full body detox? There is a sequence to doing the cleanses, before you can get the best out of a liver flush.

In summary...


A detox is when body toxins are neutralized and a cleanse eliminates them. You cannot have one without the other. So throughout this website, the words, cleanse and detox are used interchangeably.

The liver is being bombarded on all sides by toxins and like a waste disposal unit you can take care of the liver by watching what you eat.

Do a full body detox or whole body cleanse to help your liver. For this, you first address the colon with a colon cleanse or bowel cleanse. Then address the kidneys with a kidney cleanse and the liver with a liver detoxification, such as a liver gallbladder cleanse or liver flush. You can do a parasite cleanse soon after a colon cleanse or after a liver flush.

A full body detox removes body toxins to keep away aches and pains, give you a beautiful blemish-free skin and a slim body, as you age gracefully.

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