Liver Gallbladder Flush

Keeps You From The Surgeon's Knife

A liver gallbladder flush is the best gift you can give yourself, especially if you have a sluggish liver or gall stone symptoms.

It is easier to do a series of whole body cleanses with the final liver flush to remove stones in the liver or gallbladder than it is to subject yourself to the surgeon's knife.

A gallbladder removal does not mean it is the end of hepatic stone problems.

Do You Suffer From Gallstone Symptoms?

Check here to see if you have any gallstone symptoms on the Gall Stone page.

If you have, do not wait for a gallbladder attack, so that you give the surgeon a reason to remove your gallbladder.

Follow a liver gallbladder flush accurately, and remove the gall stones yourself, without removing your gallbladder.

What must you do before eliminating stones.

Do The Following Before Attempting to Eliminate Gallstones

  • Discuss it with your doctor first, if you have gallbladder attacks and are due for an operation. Persuade him to let you try a gallbladder flush first.

  • Do a colon cleanse, as it is necessary to keep the colon in top condition so that it can easily eliminate the stones flushed out by the liver.
  • Next do a kidney cleanse as the kidneys must be unblocked of stones. Then it can flush out any toxins that are sent to it during a liver flush, by the liver through the blood stream, out through the bladder.
  • If you are an avid meat eater or pet lover, you may be more prone to intestinal worms. Parasites may also block the hepatic or liver ducts. So, do a Parasite Cleanse. Otherwise, during the flush the liver cannot flush out the stones as they are blocked by parasites.

How To Get Rid Of Gallstones Once And For All

The Ingredients

  • 1/2 Cup of Olive Oil
  • 2/3 Cup of Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

About one big or two small grapefruits. You may substitute with three lemons - I find the olive oil-grapefruit combination is easier on the tongue than the olive oil-lemon combination. It is advisable not to mix the olive oil and lemon juice as it will form a thick constituency, but to drink them separately, first olive oil and then lemon juice and so on.

  • Ornithine

For you to sleep as toxins being expelled may not give you sound sleep. However some of you may just sleep through the whole toxin expelling activity that will be going on.

  • Epsom Salts

Dilates the bile duct to easily expel stones. It is also used as a laxative.

  • Plastic Straw

To drink the olive oil and grapefruit concoction. But some say that plastic can dissolve in oil. I drank straight from the mug.

Dr Hulda Clark's Liver Gallbladder Flush Method

  • Choose a Saturday

You can rest the next day.

  • Timing is critical

Follow the timing that is given.

  • Eat a Fat-Free Light Breakfast and Lunch

A fat-free diet ensures a build-up of bile in the liver and gall bladder. The greater the build-up the better.

  • After 2 PM

Do not drink or eat anything that is not part of the flush.

  • Before 6 PM

Dissolve 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts in 3 cups (3 x 250ml) of water. To make the Epsom salt solution taste better, you can mix it with 3 cups of either apple juice, grapefruit juice or orange juice. 3/4 cup of it is taken 2 times before the actual flush and two times after the flush on the next day.

  • At 6 PM

Take the grapefruit out of the fridge. Take out the olive oil as well. It is best to drink them when they are at room temperature.

Take ¾ glass of the Epsom salt solution. You can drink some water to wash the Epsom salt down.

  • At 8 PM

Drink another ¾ glass of Epsom salt solution.

  • At 9.45 PM

Squeeze out the grapefruit juice including pulp, so that you have at least 2/3 cup of it. Add some Black Walnut tincture.

  • Before 10 PM

Complete your nightly ablutions and be ready to take your olive oil – grapefruit concoction. Timing in Dr Hulda Clark’s method is of utmost importance. So please follow the timings.

  • At 10 PM

Put the olive oil and grapefruit juice into a bottle and shake it till they nearly emulsify. Drink the olive oil–grapefruit juice mixture standing up. Take 4 ornithine or 8 if you are usually insomniac. Drink it up in 5 minutes. The elderly and weak can take 15 minutes to drink it.

  • Immediately

Lie down quickly, so that you will eliminate more stones. Lie flat on the bed. You may feel a lot of activity in the gall bladder-liver area during this liver gallbladder flush.

  • After 6 AM

Take ¾ cup of Epsom solution. If you wake up with nausea or indigestion, wait till it passes before you take the Epsom solution. You may rest in bed.

  • 2 Hours Later

Take the last dose of ¾ cup Epsom solution.

  • Another 2 Hours Later

Drink some fruit juice and later have some fruits. An hour later eat something light. You can go back to a normal diet by dinner.

Now you can have a clean gallbladder...

You Can Have a Clean Gallbladder and Liver

You may find that you eliminate green stones or tan colored stones during the day or that evening, after the liver gallbladder flush. Some even eliminate more stones a day or two later.

Many people swear by this method. If you want to choose this liver gallbladder flush, make sure that you follow the method and timings exactly, to successfully do a thorough liver gallbladder cleanse.

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