Healthy Kidneys

What Everybody Ought To Know
About Their Kidneys

Do you have healthy kidneys or are you having a kidney stone or two? What is the main cause for kidney stones?

Are you causing renal stones or kidney stones to form through your daily habits of not consuming enough water?

The secret to self-healing, healthful kidneys is very simple.

Kidneys are self-healing but the secret to maintain kidneys that are healthy, is that you must do your part. Don't you think you can help by drinking a lot of water?

Why are kidney stones damaging...

Why Kidney Stones Are Damaging To The Kidneys

To know why, let's look at the structure and function of kidneys.

I am not going into the nitty gritty details of the kidney's structure. And, just ignore this part if it is too technical for you.

Kidney Structure

The structure will help understand the kidney's function of ultra-filtration. Have a look at the diagrams to picture it better.

Kidneys are made up of micro units called nephrons. These nephrons are made up of micro-tubules and a network of blood capillaries. They are really fine structures - micro.See the picture below of a nephron.

So, can you imagine the pain if you had a renal stone that grows, and has sharp edges. Yikes!

What Is The Point Of Having Kidneys

Kidney Function

Main function of healthy kidneys is to act as an excretory organ. It excretes metabolic wastes such as toxins, excess salts and excess water, thereby regulating pH or acidity of the blood.

Your kidneys help your liver get rid of excess toxins, and so maintain liver health.

Ultra-filtration of the blood takes place in the Glomerulus, which is a ball of blood capillaries that sits on the Bowman's capsule, which is a cup-like hollow structure that collects the filtrate.

This filtrate contains metabolic waste material which includes toxins, excess mineral salts, hormones, water and vitamins not required for the day.

Like a filter, larger substances can be caught. Salt crystals can be trapped and become bigger to form stones...and then comes PAIN!

The filtrate than passes through tubules where useful substances are reabsorbed.

Most of the water is absorbed from the loop of Henle before the filtrate enters the collection duct that leads to the ureter and into the bladder.

The micro-filtration system of the kidneys, filters 200 quarts of blood daily. Urine contains waste and water. It also contains excess hormones and other material not needed for the day. This fluid, now called urine, is stored in the bladder until it is full, after which it is eliminated.

What Is One Main Cause For Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is made of salt crystals. They can get deposited in the micro tubules of the kidneys or ureter, if your urine is concentrated.

By drinking lots of water, you keep your urine dilute. This prevents the formation of salt crystals or kidney stones, because they are easily dissolved by water, and removed from the kidneys.

But, I know there are many people who dislike drinking water! Do you like to drink water? You have to find ways to drink at least eight to 12 glasses of water a day to maintain healthy kidneys.

Are You Causing Renal Stones To Form

The chances of you having renal stones or kidney stones in your lifetime is less than 10 percent. Stones arise if you do not drink enough water, period.

A few types of renal stones form from oxalic acids, uric acid and phosphates.

Calcium combines with oxalates and phosphates to form calcium oxalate crystals and calcium phosphate crystals.

Uric acid is a metabolic product of protein metabolism and in itself is a crystal and can grow tobecome a kidney stone.

Oxalates are found naturally in rhubarb, tea, cocoa and many other vegetables, fruits and grains Phosphates are found in meat, cereals, bread etc. How much of these do we eat anyway?

Hardly enough to cause stones....but some are more prone to suffer from stones in their kidneys and ureter, which can cause terrible pain.

Most stones that are formed are tiny enough to pass through the urinary tract without causing any pain. Calcium oxalates can cause sharp pain as these crystals have very sharp points.

There are many other types of kidney stones, such as struvite, brushite, cystine, xanthine and carbonates.

Kidney Stones Picture Reference

The Secret To Healthy Self-Cleaning Kidneys

Healthy kidneys are able to self-clean. To keep your kidneys healthy; it is best not to overindulge in coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol and chocolates.

I cannot stress this enough...kidney stones can easily be prevented or dissolved by just drinking lots of water. It is dehydration or a lack of water, which makes salts crystallize in the first place.

Of course certain diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, can cause kidney problems.

Prevent kidney stones once and for all...

A Yummy Way To Have Healthy Kidneys

Maintain healthy kidneys by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Watch your diet to avoid the causes of kidney stones, and you will not grow any kidney stones or renal stones.

Ultimately you can do a Kidney Cleanse to ensure healthy kidneys with no renal stone lurking anywhere.

A good way to have healthy kidneys is to eat a lot of watermelon and drink cranberry juice. Hmm! Yummy!

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