Herbal Parasite Cleanse

Remedies for a Human Parasite Cleanse

Herbal parasite cleanse is a good parasite removal program. Do a parasites cleanse to improve your digestion and health at least twice a year with any of the herbal recipes provided.

Millions of people around the world have different types of parasites living in them.

A parasite cleanse will improve your digestion and health at least twice a year with any of the herbal recipes provided below.

An Intestinal parasite infection can cause problems. Many of you feel that you are immune to human parasites. But, if you have pets or children, then it is highly likely you are infested. Check out parasite symptoms.

Intestinal parasites can migrate from your intestines to other organs. If it infests the liver, the chances of you remaining youthful and healthy is low. Liver flukes block the intrahepatic biliary system and compromise the liver's natural function to remove toxins.

You can do a herbal parasite cleanse with papaya seeds, grapefruit seeds, wormwood oil and other natural remedies. Let us look at a few herbal remedies, some of which you can find in your kitchen. Some of them are also found in commercial herbal preparations.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse Remedies For Parasite Removal

There are many herbs and food that can double up as a human parasite cleanse and a natural way of parasite removal:

Black Walnut Tincture

Kills parasites by oxygenating the blood. It also burns up toxins and fatty matter. It is also able to balance sugar levels.

Wormwood Oil

is used in some parasite removal preparations. It cannot be used for long periods. The dried leaves are used to deworm. There is some controversy about using Wormwood. It also stimulates the uterus and therefore is a no-no for pregnant ladies. So, ask a herbalist for assistance if you are pregnant, and would like to use an alternative herbal remedy fit for you.


Cloves are very effective in getting rid of parasite eggs. It has broad anti-microbial properties and is also able to fight bacteria and fungi.


Thyme contains Thymol that can kill many types of intestinal worms like hookworms and roundworms. It also effectively destroys ringworm and fungal infections like athlete's foot.

Grapefruit Seeds

Grapefruit seeds

Grapefruit seeds are found to be effective, as a parasite killer. It kills not only intestinal worms, but also can fight protozoa and fungi. This conclusion came from studies done by the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are used traditionally by North American natives as a way of                 deworming. 300g of whole pumpkin seeds are used. The seeds can be powdered and mixed with honey and taken on an empty stomach.

However three hours, Epsom salts or some other form of purgative must be taken to eliminate the parasites which are not really dead but inactive. This is continued until there are no more worms.

Pumpkin seeds are especially good for expelling tapeworms. Never use pumpkin seeds that are used for planting, as these are treated with some kind of chemical to prevent pests. Use only organic pumpkin seeds meant for human consumption.


Garlic for killing parasites

Garlic is versatile and can be used from killing parasites to lowering cholesterol. It is recommended for human parasites, especially pin worms, otherwise called thread worms.

Crush a clove of garlic to release Allicillin, the potent constituent of garlic that forms when the inner tissue comes in contact with air. Take it within fifteen minute with a little honey to make it more palatable.

Garlic enema is also highly recommended for killing human parasites. Chop a garlic clove and boil with a mug of water (250ml) and use as an enema. Use it with garlic taken in or with any other de-worming herbs.

Papaya and Papaya Seeds

Papaya and papaya seeds are a good way to kill intestinal worms. Take a little juice from an unripe papaya, in the morning with some hot water and take a purgative 2 hours later. The seeds can be crushed and taken with milk, first thing in the morning. It must be the enzyme papase that kills the worms.


Pineapple eaten first thing in the morning is also said to eliminate parasites because it contains the enzyme bromelain. I am wary of eating pineapples early in the morning, as it does not agree with my stomach. However if it works for you then it will be a yummy solution to get rid of the human parasites.

Do A Herbal Parasite Cleanse To Remove Human Parasites

I quote this statement by Dr Hulda Clark, in her book entitled, "A Cure For All Cancers". There, she boldly states that in her studies, it was shown that ALL cancers are caused by a single parasite. And that by getting rid of this parasite, the cancer is stopped at once, and the tissues return to normal. Isn't that awesome if it can be proven true?

How many times should you do a parasite cleanse...

Do a herbal parasite cleanse at least twice a year with the right herbal preparations. Eat pumpkin seeds, papaya, papaya seeds, grapefruit seeds, cloves, garlic, pineapple as part of your diet. And, take other natural herbal remedies such as black walnut tincture and wormwood oil for parasite removal, and to keep other human parasites or intestinal worms, at bay.

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