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What is a high colonic enema? Is colonics at home, possible. What type of equipment is best for a home colonic irrigation - a colon hydrotherapy machine or normal enema supplies?

If you can afford it, get a colon hydrotherapy machine. Otherwise enema supplies will do. It is the best investment towards a Healthy Colon.

Do a high enema regularly, and see how your skin starts to glow!

This is definitely not the enema that you squeeze the solution from a bulb-like structure. It is an enema where the container can be an enema bucket or an enema bag, and is placed at a height. That qualifies the term "high". From a height of two feet or more, water flows into the colon under pressure.

Why Do an Enema Cleanse at Home?

No Embarrassment

Are you embarrassed by someone else giving you an enema? Then why not get enema supplies and do a home enema yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom?

Economical and Time Saving

It is also economical compared to doing a colon hydrotherapy at a clinic.

A colon hydrotherapy at a clinic is about US$95 or more for one session. When you are on a colonic cleanse you need at least seven sessions the first time and follow-ups every few months to ensure your colon is clean.

Enema Supplies Or Enema Kit

Five Gallon Enema Bucket
One Gallon Enema Bag
Five Gallon Bucket
One Gallon Enema Bag
Colonic Board
Colonic Board

Enema Set-Up

  • The enema bag or enema bucket filled with enema solution is placed on a stool or counter top or water cloister. It can be hung on the wall at least two-feet above from where you are to give yourself a high enema.

  • You can give the enema anywhere but the best place is as near to the bathroom or toilet bowl itself. If you are giving anywhere else you must be able to hold the contents, otherwise you will create a mess.

  • However if you give it, lying next to the toilet bowl, you need something adequately comfortable to lie on. A colonic board, like the one above, is ideal.

  • The tubing connected to the enema container is connected to a three inch rectal tip or nozzle which has a controlling valve.

  • Once you are ready and want to give an enema, push the nozzle into the anus and open the valve, to allow the enema solution to flood your colon..

Enema Solutions

There are a variety of enema solutions that you can use ranging from warm water to coffee solution. The main purpose is to cleanse the colon as it irrigates it.

Certain solutions, detoxify and you can mix a probiotic culture to the enema solution to add good bacteria that are lost during the enema process.

Enema supplies are a good investment.

Best Investment For a High Colonic Enema

High colonics is safe. It strengthens the colon muscles and can be completed within an hour. However there are certain conditions to complete in an hour like being on a juice fast.

Enema supplies or a colon hydrotherapy machine is the best investment you can make towards a healthy colon. A high colonic enema is an anti aging process.

Use it and see how your skin starts to glow! And your body healthier.

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