How to Take Psyllium Husk

by Joanne
(St. Charles, MO)

Your Question on Psyllium husk/medication affect:

Does taking psyllium husk affect the absorbtion of medication? I have been using the Blueberry Detox, and it doesn't say anything about usage and the timing of prescription medications.

Kamala's Answer:

Joanne, psyllium has an effect on the absorption of your medication.

It is highly advisable not to take within two hours because Psyllium husk has the effect of brushing off whatever is in the colon.

I do not know why Blueberry Detox does not say anything about usage and timing of prescription medicine, but I would advice you not to take it within two hours anyway. You will not lose anything by following this.

If fact there is an unwritten rule that all western medicine prescriptions are not to be taken with any herbal or natural preparations so as to avoid any unwanted issues.

You can ask your doctor who has prescribed you the medicine regarding this.

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