Is it safe to take 1 Tbsp of bentonite clay on a daily basis ?

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but was given no medication for the pain. Taking mineral helped, that led me to take bentonite clay this helped me the most. My ph was 5.- and it kept going up and up. I was feeling better and better, no pain, stiffness. My symptoms disappeared almost completely. I was feeling like I was getting my life back. I stopped when my ph reached 7.- and because I thought it may be unsafe to keep taking bentonite clay. After a month off the bentonite clay all my symptoms came back. The stiffness threw my back out, (back to my old miserable routine) it took me about 3 weeks of adjustments and Chinese deep tissue whole body massage to get me back on track AND started taking bentonite clay again . I am also having my amalgam fillings removed in case they are interfering with my body's mineral obsorbsion. After all this I started feeling better again. If I don't take the clay one day , I suffer the consequences.
I wonder WHY do I feel good with the clay?
Why wasn't it the 3 month metal detox with bentonite clay along with appropriate supplements, probiotics enough?
Is it safe to take 1Tbsp of bentonite clay on a daily basis?

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by: Kamala

Yes it is safe to take 1 tablespoon of clay a day.

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