Liver Detoxification

Toxic Liver Symptoms and Types of Liver Cleanse

Is a liver detoxification important? Or, is it just a passing fad. What are the symptoms of a toxic liver?

If you have a few of the symptoms below, then you really need to do a liver detox.

A toxic liver will find it difficult to carry out the five hundred processes a healthy liver does.

Toxins accumulate in the liver to be processed and expelled. So if your liver is blocked by liver stones, it will be difficult for it to produce bile, and expel the liver toxins and cholesterol that has accumulated.

Of course if you have been taking care of your liver by either, cleansing the liver once in a way or eating all the right kinds of food, then, kudos to you. Then you may have none of the symptoms below. That's the way to a more youthful, healthy, fit and beautiful you!

Anyway we will look at some types of liver cleanses, and how to prepare yourself for a liver cleanse detox to remove liver toxins?

Toxic, Sluggish and Congested Liver Symptoms

Here are just a few of the symptoms of a congested and sluggish live:

Emotional Symptoms

  • Irritability
  • Anger 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

External Symptoms

  • Thick Nose
  • Large Midriff or Thick Waist
  • Brown Spots or Liver Spots or Pigmentation
  • Dark Circles Under Eye
  • Yellow Discolouration of the Whites of Eyes

Other Conditions

  • Low Energy
  • Infertility
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Poor Concentration
  • Poor Memory
  • High Cholesterol
  • Constipation

Of course if you have been taking care of your liver by:

  • Cleansing the liver once in a way
  • Eating all the right kinds of food

Then, kudos to you, as you may have none of the symptoms above. That's the way to a more youthful, healthy, fit and beautiful you!

Benefits Of A Liver Detoxification

Doing a liver detoxification or liver detox cleanse will definitely improve the health of your liver, and will boost its performance.

It will help your liver get rid of accumulated liver toxins. Toxins will not be sent to be deposited in other parts of the body such as joints or the skin.

As age catches-up with you, you will experience some aches and pains, and your skin will become less smooth and less even-toned. I can vouch for the fact that all this will disappear if not reduce to a large extent, if you do a liver cleanse detox program.

My Experience Of My First Liver Flush

I found that after doing a liver flush, some tan colored pellets were floating in the gunk I expelled out. Were they liver stones or gallbladder stones? It really did not matter. Why? Because this is what I experienced:

I found my facial skin had become even-toned and my knee pain had disappeared. My face and nose had become slimmer. That was proof enough for me to show that the liver flush worked for me. You be the judge of how it works for you, by experiencing one yourself.

There are many ways to detox the liver. I'll mention a few types.

Types of Liver Cleanses

There are many different types of liver detoxification. They differ in the ingredients, the duration and the difficulty in ingesting the ingredient. I am only going to mention a few here:

The Liver Flush

This is one of the most common types of liver detoxification people are doing nowadays. Maybe because when done properly, it does flush out a lot of stones. It involves taking in from 1/2 to 2 cups of olive oil depending on the liver flush recipe.

The Master Cleanse or The Lemon Detox

This recipe using lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper was first introduced by Stanley Burroughs, in 1940.

Natural Liver Detox or Herbal Liver Cleanse

Using liver cleanse herbs to cleanse and detox the liver. These can vary from teas to powders and even tablets.

Do You Need to Prepare For a Liver Detox?

It is important to have a fairly well-cleansed body before beginning cleansing the liver. To prepare yourself for an effective liver cleanse detox, do a Parasite Cleanse, a Bowel Cleanse, a Kidney Cleanse before doing a Liver Gallbladder Flush. Why? Because...

Parasite Cleanse

This is important, as it will kill parasites in the liver. You do not want any parasite lurking in the hepatic or liver ducts and blocking the expulsion of bile from them. If the ducts are blocked, the liver detoxification will not be effective

Bowel Cleanse

It will remove toxins, mucus plaque and old feces stored in the colon. It will make the colon more efficient in eliminating the liver and gallbladder stones plus toxins and bile that are thrown out of the liver and gall bladder during a liver and gallbladder cleanse.

Kidney Cleanse

This is also very important, as if there are an excess of toxins released from the liver, it is going to go back to the liver, again, if the kidneys do not excrete them.

However, if the kidneys are clean, it'll be able to easily get rid of these toxins with ease. What a waste of time it is to do the liver cleanse detox in the first place, if the toxins are going to be sent back to the liver!

Is It Important to Do a Liver Detoxification?

Yes, I feel it is very important to do a liver detoxification to cleanse a toxic liver of liver stones and liver toxins for a slim, healthy, fit and youthful body.

If you drink alcohol, do drugs, eat non-organic vegetables, eat any junk foods or eat meat, a liver cleanse detox, such as the liver flush or the lemon detox is important. This will give you an active healthy liver.

And don't forget the preparatory cleanses!

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