Liver Flush

Are You Ready To Flush Your Liver
To Look and Feel Younger?

The liver flush made me feel years younger. I believe it is an anti-aging process. It removes body toxins that is the root cause of disease and aging.

Yes, that's right, a liver or gallbladder detox slows down the aging process.

Although I have done many cleanses, they were mostly colon and parasite cleanses.

Your body seems to get rusty as you grow older, doesn't it? Aches and pains seem to increase. But, doing a liver cleanse dramatically lessen the aches and pains. I am not joking!     

After having experienced a liver cleanse, using olive oil and lemons or grapefruit, I definitely find it anti-aging.

What I Experienced With My First Liver Flush

I did my first liver gallbladder cleanse when I wanted to write about liver detox on this site.

I did the liver cleanse using olive oil and lemons.(I found Grapefuits more palatable with the olive oil to do a Gallbladder Flush.) I did find some tan-colored pellets, like the ones on the right in Gall Stone, floating. They may have been gall stones or they may have been 'soap stones', like a sceptic commented in a forum.

After doing more gall bladder flushes, I knew they were gall stones. I did not see anymore tan-colored pellets in the second and third flush.

If it is due to some kind of soap forming, then I should be getting the same for subsequent flushes, shouldn't I? But I didn't. On my second flush I saw the green stones on the left in Gall Stone page.

It does not matter one bit because I knew the liver gallbladder flush worked! Why? Because..

  • My knee pain that I had for awhile, disappeared. Sitting on the floor cross-legged is easier than before.
  • My complexion had become more even-toned.
  • My face and nose had slimmed down.

I believe that cleansing and flushing your liver slows down your biological clock.

Are Gall Stone Actually Expelled?

There are many hypothesis regarding the 'stones' expelled during a liver gallbladder cleanse that are going around the internet. Supporters of the liver gallbladder detox insist gall stones, either cholesterol stones or pigment stones, are expelled.

However the skeptics say that the 'stones' expelled out during a gallbladder cleanse is the result of saponification, an alkaline reaction of bile and oil to make soap. They believe that the so-called stones are nothing but soap.

What is important is not whether they are gall stones or soap stones. It is the final result that is important. How one feels at the end of a liver cleanse, and I felt great!

How do you flush your liver...

How To Flush Your Liver

There are different types of recipes for a liver detoxification. Follow a liver detox recipe, and find out first hand the result of it. Don't take my word for it. Your experience is real for you.

You can find the "How to..." at the Liver Flush Recipe page

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