Liver Stones

And Gall Bladder Stones

What's the difference between liver stones and gallbladder stones?

Find out the difference between the color, hardness and contents of the stones in the liver and the gallbladder stones, respectively.

You can give this medical page a miss, if you are more interested in liver detoxification or liver flush to clear out stones.

However, if you have examined the stones during a liver flush, you may want to know what kind they are. Whether they are cholesterol stones or pigment stones, and what they contain.

Research In Taiwan

Most of the material here about liver or intrahepatic stones, is taken from research done by two doctors, Chung-Chieh Wen, M.D. and Hsin-Chao Lee, M.D. at the National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan, from 1957 until 1969. See Reference

At the time of their research, doctors assumed that gallbladder stones are formed primarily in the gallbladder. They also thought that if any were found in the common bile duct, they must have come from the gall bladder.

However, for a long time surgeons and pathologists have found the presence of another stone in the intrahepatic biliary ducts, which are the biliary ducts found in the liver. These are called liver stones or intrahepatic stones.

If anyone is interested in the boring scientific names associated with liver and gall stones, I have copied them from Wikepedia and made it into a colourful table

They also found that the intrahepatic stone found in the liver, was different from the gall stone found in the gallbladder and the common bile duct.

The incidence of gallstones are high and a problem in the West. Intrahepatic stones are rare in the West.

The West was unfamiliar with this problem whereas incidences of intrahepatic or stones in the liver were frequent in South East Asia, and especially high in Taiwan.

If anyone is interested in the boring scientific names associated with liver and gall stones, I have copied them from Wikepedia and made it into a colourful table, above.

In Taiwan, where the study was done, they found that only a third of the patients suffering from these stones in the liver, had gall bladder stones. They also found they had an enlarged liver and a palpable gallbladder. Both their common bile duct and the main hepatic ducts were also dilated.

The intrahepatic stones unlike the gall bladder stones did not appear on X-ray. They found these stones contained a bile pigments and may be colored yellow, brown, green or black according to the concentration of the bile pigment.

Most were in various shades of brown, amorphous and muddy. They felt sticky and greasy and would smear the insides of the biliary ducts.

Real Experience

I expelled these soft-looking yellow-brown stones during my first liver cleanse. They actually looked like mud pellets.

Unlike the ones that are of various shades of brown which were found throughout the whole intrahepatic biliary system, the black and green ones were rarely found high up in the intrahepatic ducts.

I released green ones like the ones found below, at the bottom left, during my second liver flush.

Liver Stones and Gallbladder Stones

In general stones in the liver contain more pigments than cholesterol, whereas the gallbladder stones contain more cholesterol. If stones contain calcium deposits they are hard.

Gallbladder stones contain cholesterol and as mentioned earlier, can be hard if they contain calcium deposits. If the gall stones were hard, they could be easily detected through an X-ray, unlike intrahepatic stones.

What do you do if you have any liver or gallbladder stones?

What To Do If You Have Liver Stones

If you have any gall stone symptoms, it is important to do a liver detoxification or liver cleanse to flush out those stones.

The liver gallbladder flush or a liver flush will do the job well. You can choose one of the many types of liver flush methods.

Remember to do a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a kidney cleanse before you go into a liver cleanse.

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