Maple Syrup Cleanse

Why People Do The Master Cleanse Fast

The maple syrup cleanse, also called the lemon cleanse is a powerful detox program that makes you lose weigh and look younger. Who should do this fast , and why do people do it? What is the master cleanse recipe and when is it best to go on it?

Who Started this Cleanse?

No, no not Beyonce...

In 1976, Stanley Burroughs introduced this maple syrup and lemon cleanse as the Master Cleanse in his book called the "Healing for the Age of Enlightenment". This is a book which will appeal to those who belief in alternative therapies including detoxifying and cleansing the body.

Stanley Burroughs focused totally on the cleanse in a smaller version called, "The Master Cleanse". 

After he introduced this lemon cleanse to the world, there were other authors who came up with different books about the maple syrup cleanse.

Before doing this maple syrup cleanse or lemon cleanse, it will be advisable to read a book on the Master Cleanse.

"Beyonce Knowles announced on the Oprah Winfrey show that she had lost 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse to prepare for her starring role in the new film Dreamgirls."

~ New York Times, December 10, 2006

You can download a free copy of the book "The Master Cleanse" by Stanley Burroughs here.

Beyonce Knowles had gone on the Master Cleanse. The top image is a before and after picture of her. Here's a news clip about it:

Beyonce wanted to look like a 16 year old to act as the teenager called Deena Jones in Dreamgirl. So, she went on the Master Cleanse and lost 20 pounds. That is a lot of weight in under two weeks, don't you think?

If you want to lose pounds off you or want to look much younger than you are, then go for this cleanse.

A word of caution. If you want to keep the weight off, begin to eat healthily and do a whole body cleanse once in a way to remove toxic build-up. In fact many people after a maple syrup cleanse do find it easy to change their lifestyle. If they can then you can too.

Who Should Do the Master Lemonade Cleanse?

Anyone can go on it if they are healthy, otherwise they can consult their physician.

Some people think that the Master cleanse fast is dangerous. Is it? Any diet can be dangerous, if say you are diabetic, and not under your physician's care.

If you are healthy, there is no reason why you cannot go on a Master Cleanse fast. 

Why People Do the Maple Syrup Cleanse?

Our liver actually has a natural cleanse in place to neutralize and expel toxins into our colon which excretes the toxin together with bile and undigested food and faeces.

However in today's world, more so if you are living in a polluted city, the liver is bombarded left, right and centre with pollutants. Pollutants everywhere - in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat!

A lot of toxins are sent to other parts of the body and stored, causing other problems like aches, pains, fat build-up and uneven skin tone.

Doing a liver detoxification like a liver flush or the maple syrup cleanse can help your liver get rid of toxins easily.

This cleanse also cleanses the kidneys and digestive system.

When the toxins in your body is removed with this awesome maple cleanse syrup, you can see it and feel it. You not only lose weight but as a result you will look years younger.

So let us get started with the recipe.

The Master Cleanse Recipe

You can make a jug full of lemonade following the recipe below and drink throughout the day. You drink about six to 12 glasses or more of lemonade. Each glass of lemonade is made up as follows:

  • Eight ounces of pure filtered water
  • Two tablespoons or the juice of half a fresh organic lemon
  • Two tablespoons of organic maple syrup Grade B or C (unfiltered) as it contains more minerals than the Grade A
  • 1/10 of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper

Mix them and drink it throughout the day.

If you are making a gallon of the drink then you can use the following master cleanse recipe for a gallon jug of lemonade cleanse:

  • Three quarts of pure filtered water
  • One cup of fresh organic lemon juice
  • One cup of organic maple syrup Grade B or C (unfiltered) as it contains more minerals than the Grade A
  • One teaspoon of cayenne pepper

When Is the Best Time to Start the Master Cleanse

The best time to start the Master cleanse is on Friday night with the intake of the laxative tea. Then you can know how many hours it took you to go to toilet after drinking the sea salt solution.

You can then plan the time you take the morning salt water solution, so that you can go to the toilet before you go to work.

The maple syrup cleanse is known by many names, such as the master cleanse, the lemon cleanse , the lemonade cleanse, lemon juice detox and the lemon detox. There might be other names that I may have missed.

It is a powerful cleanse method that cleanses the whole body.

It lasts for ten days.

If you are a disciplined person you can do the detox right away. However if you are not, you may want to get a book that will give you the secrets to stay on the master cleanse for ten days. It is not necessary to fast. The book also lets you know the foods that you can eat.

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