My Best Colon Cleanse Method

by Susanne


My name is Susanne, and I believe that a clean colon is the most important aspect to general health and wellbeing.

I suffered from chronic bladder infections and constipation for years. Of course I took anti-biotics, not realizing that I perpetuated the vicious cycle.

A friend of mine suggested herbal cleanses along with colon hydrotherapy as well as pro-biotics. This changed my life, especially the colonics.

Not only did I get rid of my bladder infections ... I lost weight, have much more beautiful skin, increased energy, and my bowel movements are regular and healthy.

A clean colon is the foundation to our health. I didn't realize that bad gut flora was causing my bladder infections, and - as it turns out - many other physical problems I was experiencing.

Now, that my health is perfect, I switched to a maintenance system, making sure that I have at least one colonic per month. I am 55 years old and I have never felt better.

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Colonic Irrigation Benefits
by: Kamala

Hi Susanne

Thank you for your submission.

I totally agree with you about the colonic irrigation benefits, such as losing weight, having beautiful skin, having an increase in energy and regular bowel movements.

In addition, disappearing joint pains and muscle aches are some other benefits that you can experience.

I believe you have to experience a colon hydrotherapy to know its value.

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