My First Colon Cleanse Tale

by Kamala

My maternal grandfather had decided on having his three grand daughters cleansed within. I was the youngest.

We were given a deworm medicine, called Antipar the night before. That was okay but sickeningly sweet.

However, it was not as unbearable as the "salt medicine" given the morning after! Oh what a horrible tasting concoction that was!

We stayed in a shop house, with my father's optical shop below. The first floor was our residence. However, my grandfather was a heart patient and so had a room to stay downstairs.

On that fateful morning, the three of us, siblings were told to go downstairs to meet him to take our "salt medicine". I went down eagerly, as we used to have some memorable experiences downstairs.

Memorable Experiences

• We could easily get my father to give us some money so that we could run to the neighboring grocer shop to buy some chocolates and sweets.

• We could play with some of my fathers workers.

• We could run out the back without my mother's knowledge and play with some of the neighboring children.

Tongue About to Be Shocked and Brutalized

But that morning, however I also had a little flutter in my heart being a bit wary of the so-called "salt medicine" that we were to be given. It was like my subconscious knew that my tongue was about to be thoroughly shocked and brutalized at my first ever colon cleanse experience.

When I saw my grandfather, I guessed the medicine was going to be pretty awful, because my grandfather had a cane. We stood quietly in front of him. My eyes were partly on his cane and partly on both my sister's reactions.

Each of them were resisting, when it was their turn and were each shown the cane before they took the so called "salt medicine". Both nearly puked but with a hit from the cane, they swallowed it.

By the time my turn came I was completely convinced from the look on my sisters' faces, that the medicine must have the most awful taste.

There I stood, a tiny-tot, in front of my 5ft 9in tall grandfather holding a cane. I did not want to open my mouth. Up came the cane and I quickly opened my mouth. The medicine was quickly poured into my mouth.

I was overcome with the most awful-tasting medicine my short-life had ever experienced. What torture! I did not know what to do. Before I could throw up the medicine, up came the cane, and I automatically swallowed it quickly. At the same time the cane came swishing down on my bottom.

My Grandfather's Way

Next, the three of us ran upstairs to tell my mother about what happened. We forgot the taste of the awful colon cleanse experience. We were so excited to tell her that our grandfather used the cane on all three of us to dust the dust off our dresses! None of us were hurt. We thought that he missed his target.

However now I know that my grandfather appeared very strict to make us do things like swallow medicine, learn our lessons and behave well....but he never hurt us with the cane even once!

No matter how stern he was, he had our interest at heart. I know that I needed someone like him to make me what I am today. For that I am grateful to my grandfather.

What Was the Salt Medicine?

After starting this website and experiencing a certain liver flush, I realized that the "salt-medicine" of my first colon cleanse experience when I was young was the horrid-tasting Epsom salts!

During my first colon cleanse experience of the liver flush I just could not take Epsom salts, as the horrid tasting memory of the medicine from my childhood was too overwhelming. I used enemas instead, which was very effective.

However this year, on my third liver flush, I decided to take Epsom salts. I found Epsom salts not so horrid tasting if it is mixed with apple juice.

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