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Your Liver Desperately Needs Your Help

The natural cleanse mechanism of a healthy liver is efficient. You guessed it. The organ that does the detoxifying of external or internal source of toxins is the liver.

However having a toxic liver today, with liver stones and liver toxins is high what with so many pollutants surrounding us. What can you do? All is not lost - thankfully you can do a lot to help your liver!

Toxins Everywhere

Toxins are everywhere and they are poisons. Those found in the liver are liver toxins. All toxins are taken in through the air we breathe or the food and water we eat and drink. These external toxins are taken to the liver from the small intestines and lungs by the blood, to be detoxified.

If you compromise your liver with processed, unhealthy food and drink, you may end up with a toxic liver. It is then difficult for the liver to carry out it's natural cleanse function.

The extra toxins that the natural mechanism of the liver cannot deal with, are going to be stored in different parts of the body, and will create unhealthy conditions there.

Let us look at the different types of toxins we are exposed to, and how it affects our liver's natural cleanse mechanism. And how can we be rid of these toxins?

There are two main types of toxins as far as sources of toxins are concerned.

Types of Toxins

External Sources of Toxins:

  • Cars

Expel carbon monoxide in car fumes

  • Factories

Some factories emit toxic gases

  • Cigarettes

Smokers pollute the air we breathe when they smoke cigarettes

  • Mercury in Dental Fillings

Leach and enter our bodies

  • Pesticides and Herbicides

Found in vegetables are easily ingested when the vegetables are eaten

  • Meat

Especially processed meat and meat injected with hormones

  • Pharmaceutical Drugs

Such as antibiotics

  • Refined Foods

Like white flour and white sugar

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Chemical In Beauty Products and other Products

Sodium laureth sulfate in shampoos, chemicals in house paints and aerosol sprays are easily absorbed

  • Radiation

From X-rays, mobile or cell phones, microwave ovens, televisions and computers

  • Preservatives and Other Chemical Additives

In food

Internal Toxic Sources

The end products of metabolism that occur in the body. Metabolism is a bio-chemical reaction that occurs in the cell.

  • Carbon Dioxide

From the metabolism of glucose.

  • Red Blood Cells

They breakdown to produce toxic substances such as bilirubin which is excreted as bile.

  • Protein Breakdown

Produces urea and uric acid. Excess of uric acid is stored in feet to cause gout and in joints to cause arthritis.

  • Excess Hormones

Bacterial Toxins

Toxins produced by bacteria, cause the symptoms of certain diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, tetanus, etc.

The above types of toxins must be eliminated from the body, to prevent unhealthy chronic conditions arising.

The first two types of toxins are removed by the liver's natural cleanse system, while the third is neutralized by antibodies produced by the body's immune system.

Liver's Natural Cleanse

Looking at the list of toxins above, you can see that the liver has enough internal toxins to get rid off daily.

These toxins are taken to the liver to be detoxified.

What more when we ingest all the unwanted toxins in the air, in your food and drinks. It is going to tax the natural cleanse system, which is bound to break down one day. So how is Mr. Liver going to take all this?

Can Mr. Liver Keep Up?

If you eat unhealthy foods such as meat (especially processed meat), refined white flour, white sugar, vegetables with pesticides. Or, if you drink unfiltered water, coffee and alcohol.

These external toxins are going to become liver toxins, and overwhelm the liver.

The liver becomes toxic, and will find it difficult to carry out its natural cleanse function.

Mr Liver definitely cannot keep up.

Where Do All the Extra Liver Toxins Go?

Since there are more toxins accumulating than the liver can detox naturally, the excess toxins are stored in other parts of the body.

Some of them are stored in the liver, waiting in queue to be detoxified.

Some are deposited in joints and can cause joint pains.

Some are stored in the fat or adipose tissue under the skin, especially in the belly as belly fat. If there is water with them, the tissue is called cellulite.

Cellulite is a natural defense mechanism. It prevents the stored toxins from going back into the blood. So that, there is less chance that they are transported to the rest of the body, to poison of tissues.

Excess toxins are also stored with undigested food and mucus in the colon. In the long run they will become mucoid plaque and affect the colon badly.

As a result of the overwhelming amount of excess toxins in today's world, the natural cleanse system of your liver like most livers', is compromised.

Yes, the natural cleanse mechanism of your liver desperately needs your help.

So how can you help your liver efficiently detoxify your liver toxins?

How To Help Your Liver Detoxify and Be Healthy

Change Your Lifestyle

The first way is to change your lifestyle. Period!

Change your diet and stop using beauty products that contain toxins!

This stops adding extra toxins in your body.

Do a Colon Cleanse

Do a Bowel Cleanse. This detoxification helps release impacted waste or Mucoid Plaque in the colon.

The released impacted material together with the toxins will then be eliminated as feces.

The colon will then be able to eliminate the toxins released by the liver as part of its natural cleanse mechanism.

Any type of colon cleanse is beneficial to release the toxins in fat cells. Once the water and toxins are released from the fat tissue, it is easier to breakdown the fat.

If you have a weight problem, your weight loss goals will then be a breeze.

What To Do Next

Follow the colon cleanse with a Parasite Cleanse and do other organ cleanses such as a Kidney Cleanse before you attempt a liver cleanse.

The number of toxins we are exposed to can be pretty overwhelming. But knowing the types of toxin, you can avoid some of the them

Finally - Liver Detoxification

We live in a pretty polluted world and are exposed to toxins bombarding us from all around.

It is difficult to prevent some of these toxins from entering our bodies. But all is not lost - a toxic liver becomes a healthy liver once it is detoxed and cleansed. It will soon be free of liver stones blocking its liver ducts.

The liver's cleanse function will be at full throttle with a liver detoxification. So start detoxifying your liver. I cannot tell you how anti-aging it is. You must experience at least one. Some need a few cleanses to see the difference.

This is the way to age gracefully.

Age Gracefully

Age gracefully without having to suffer joint pains, or worse, arthritis or rheumatism. Do a whole body cleanse ending with the liver flush.

A liver flush makes the natural cleanse mechanism of the liver efficient.

You can enjoy a healthy body and skin, even into your fifties, sixties and beyond.

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