Parasite Cleanse

Get Rid of Human Parasites if
You Have Symptoms of Parasites

A parasite cleanse or parasite colon cleanse is necessary for getting rid of intestinal worms.

Some people believe they have no parasites. If you eat meat or keep pets, it is highly probable that you have parasites. Everyone can be prone to pin worms, as their eggs are air-borne.

It is important to remove parasites as they produce toxins that negatively affects the body.

What Causes Symptoms of Parasites?

What determines that you are infected with unwanted intestinal organisms? You are more likely to be infected if you:

  • Eat raw or under cooked meat, fish and poultry .
  • Drink contaminated water
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables without washing them clean*
  • Do not practice good hygenic habits
  • Have pets

Refer to Parasite Symptoms to see if you are infested with human parasites

Do You Have Any Human Parasite?

It is easier than you think, to be infested with one or more parasites. Why?

The most common intestinal worm which causes an itch at night is the pin worm whose eggs can be air-borne,as they are light! Looks like we are not immune to pin worms if we swallow the eggs. It is the easiest worm to be passed due to a lack of hygene.

I did research on this subject for this website. I was pretty shocked! Earlier I never knew that it was so easy to be infested with intestinal worms, except through the causes mentioned above.

Like me, many people especially in developed and developing countries, think that they have no intestinal worms within. But are they in for a surprise!

Although I did not have any of the severe parasite symptoms, I decided to go through an intestinal worm cleanse, after that research. It is part of the Whole Body Cleanse that I was doing as research for this Ultra Cleanse Guide website.

Types of Parasites - Human Parasites

There are many types of parasites. When I refer to human parasites, I refer to only intestinal worms found in humans. Some examples of these human parasites or intestinal worms are:




Liver Fluke



The Above Public Domain Images - Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons and CDC. Some are modified.

Ugh! Parasites! Oh No!

My Parasite Cleanse Experience

To shorten the days on a parasite cleanse I took a dose of two deworming pills, called zentel found in my country, as recommended for three days, to kill all kinds of intestinal worms.

The day after taking the deworming treatment, my colon went into overdrive to eliminate waste matter. I also felt some activity in my colon. On the first night I experienced some itch, which I have not experienced since my childhood deworming days.

I thought the worms in my intestines were killed and exterminated when I was young with all the anti-parasite medication and colon cleansing routine my grandfather made us do. How naive of me!

First Day

On the first day that I took the parasite cleanse, I did not see any worms that were noticeable to the naked eye, when I went to the toilet. However the itch I felt indicated the presence of intestinal worms - pinworms most likely.

Second Day

I saw fine worm-like things on a thin layer of mucous tissue. It was more like a layer of mucous with striations, floating inside the toilet bowl. It may be some worms caught in mucous killed by the deworming medicine, but I do not really know.

Third and Fourth Day

Saw rice-like structures. These looked like proglottids, which are segments of tapeworms. The only way to find out whether they really are human parasites, was to send them for a test. But I preferred to pass the gross job of collecting them.

Other than eating raw meat or undercooked meat Proglottids are also passed through dogs. So I may have got them from my pet dogs many years ago.

Even though your dogs are dewormed, they are still parasite carriers as they nose around in places they should not. So, if you have pet dogs do not forget to do a parasite cleanse every six months. It is a must for good intestinal health.

After the fourth day I did not find any odd looking stuff being eliminated.

Remove Parasites!

Yes, they are parasites and must be eliminated before they eliminate you! There are people who believe that certain cancers are caused by worms!

A herbal parasite cleanse is recommended.

My grandfather used to deworm us quite often when we were young. He knew what he was doing in getting us to do a parasite and colon cleanse every month! He was not taking any chances of us, kids being infested with worms. We used to run around the neighborhood in our floppies which separated from our feet quite easily.

After all this research, I feel it is important for everyone to do a parasite colon cleanse of intestinal worms, whether you eat meat or are vegetarian.

It is so easy for anyone to breathe in eggs through the mouth like the pin worm's which can be found in the air? So, colon cleanse parasites at least every 6 months.

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