Psyllium and Heart Medication

by Aidan
(Cork, Ireland)

Is It Okay To Take Psyllium If I'm On Heart Medication?

Kamala Answers:

It is okay to take Psyllium if you are on heart medication, provided you know when and how to take it.

In fact most health supplements can be taken with most western drugs and medication, as long as they are not taken together because:
  • The supplement and medication may react together. To prevent this from from happening it is better not to take them together.

  • When Psyllium and medication are taken together. Psyllium binds the medication within its bulk, and so the medication cannot be absorbed by the intestines. This could be dangerous as the patient has no support from the medication at all.

In the native countries, where Psyllium grows, Psyllium has been successfully used to treat many health conditions.

But it is always best to consult your heart physician about how much of Psyllium you can take.

He will probably ask you to take the minimum dose of half a teaspoon with a glass of water followed by at least another glass of water. The more liquid you drink with Psyllium, the better.

Drink your normal eight glasses of water throughout the day.

Normally there must be a gap of at least two hours before and after taking Psyllium.

Two hours before and three to four hours after taking Psyllium is best, with regard to your heart medication.

I just consulted my sister who is a doctor about your question. She agrees that there is no problem in taking supplements as long as you do not take it with your heart medication.

"Adding high-fiber foods (such as psyllium-enriched cereals) to your diet may help lower heart disease risk. In fact, studies show that a diet high in water-soluble fiber is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease."
-University of Maryland Medical Center

Have you worked with Psyllium before? In your place of work?

Because studies have shown that some people who have worked with Psyllium for patients have become allergic to it.

This may be because of the overload when they were dealing with it as part of their work.

So. when you are mixing Psyllium in water or juice, do not breathe it in. It is easy to do that because psyllium husk is light and can be easily air-borne. So take care when you mix it in water.

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