Psyllium Husk Side Effects

The What and The How

What are Psyllium Husk Side Effects. How do they occur? Have a look at the Psyllium Video. What are the possible reasons for the side effects of Psyllium Husk.

I know that some of the so-called Psyllium side effects is more the negative effects of not following certain precautions. Why? Because I have experienced one of the "side-effects" - choking!

I believe Psyllium Fiber is safe if you know how and when to take it. If you take it the proper way, I do not think that you will suffer any Psyllium side effects.

Many people think Psyllium Husks are not safe to take, that they may choke, they will bloat and so on. Is that true or is there another side to the story?

Let us look at the possible side effects of Psyllium Husk. And, let us see if Psyllium is perfectly safe to take, as long as certain simple precautions are followed. 

What Are Psyllium Side Effects

1. Psyllium can bind drugs and medication, and so they cannot be absorbed by the body. This can be dangerous if you are taking any important medical drugs.

2. If taken in excess and with, just before or soon after a meal, a diabetic may suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

3. Some claim to have breathlessness or a choking feeling.

4. An overdose can cause obstruction in the colon and thus severe constipation.

5. Some feel nausea and bloating when Psyllium is taken in excess.

6. Some have allergies.

I find that all the Psyllium husks side effects mentioned above, have a reason and can be overcome. We will get into that below.

Possible Reasons For Psyllium Husk Side Effects

Here are the possible reasons for the Psyllium husk side effects:

1. If Psyllium is taken with a drug or medication, it can bind the drug. The drug is not absorbed. This can cause dangerous symptoms due to lack of that drug. It is possible that these symptoms may be taken for an allergic reaction.

2. If a diabetic takes it in excess with, before or soon after a meal, the Psyllium can bind sugar in the intestines. This prevents sugar from being absorbed by the body and instead is excreted with the Psyllium fiber. This can cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.

3. If you take one teaspoon of Psyllium husks, followed by very little water, you are going to feel choked and maybe even breathless. As soon as the Psyllium in the throat gets wet it expands in volume. it will not form a flowing gel-like substance, as there is not enough water. Instead it will form a sticky gooey substance which cannot move easily. This fills the throat and you choke. This happened to me the first time I took Psyllium. 

4. You may even feel nauseated and bloated if you take too much Psyllium. The bulk expands to a great volume, fills the whole stomach and gives a bloated feeling and can even make you want to vomit.

It is therefore important to put take just a teaspoon of Psyllium in a glass of water or juice, mix it and drink it, followed by at least one more glass of water or juice.

5. If you take too much, say two tablespoon in only one glass of water. And you do not drink enough water after that, you can become severely constipated, as the Psyllium bulk becomes hard due to a lack of water and blocks the colon.

6. The bulk fiber of Psyllium will move out whatever is in the intestines, including the good bacteria. If the healthy bacteria are not replaced with probiotics, you are going to have gas production and feel bloated. It is a good idea to take probiotics daily.

7. Those who have allergic reactions must rule out the reasons above, especially the first one. If they have ruled out all and still have allergies, stop consuming it and consult your doctor.

There are some who become allergic to psyllium husk after having worked with psyllium, and handled it for a long time. Check out Psyllium Fiber to read about how some people become allergic to Psyllium.

In Conclusion

How To Take Psyllium Husk

As far as you can see the Psyllium husk side effects are all because of either:

  • Taking with food or medication
  • Drinking too little fluids
  • Taking too much Psyllium husk

But if you suffer from allergies, I do not know. Because you can be allergic to so many things. What you can do is try a small amount of Psyllium husk to see how you fare. Or better still consult your doctor.

My Experience of a Psyllium Husk Side Effects

I have experienced the choking feeling when I first took Psyllium, thinking I can just swallow it and then drink some water. No! Never again.

Now I mix just one teaspoon with a glass of water or juice and drink two more glasses of water or juice. You must take at least one more glass of liquid. Apple juice is best as the malic acid in it will begin to dissolve stones in the kidneys and liver. This makes you ready for a kidney cleanse and liver flush.

How To Increase Your Dose

If you want to increase your dose to two teaspoons, there is no problem if you divide it into two portions, two times a day. Each time drink at least two glasses of water or juice with it.

In conclusion.

Take Psyllium two hours before or after taking your medication, drink enough water with the right amount of Psyllium husk and drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day, and you will be fine.

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