Psyllium Husks

How and When to Take Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks - How to take it, and when to take it.

Imagine a food encrusted pot. Is it enough to use a soap water to clean it? No! You need a scouring pad which can remove the encrusted remains.

Likewise to clean the colon of old feces and other waste matter, you need a brush-like substance. This fiber creates such a brush in the colon.

The National Cancer Institute and the American Medical Association recommends that people take 20-30g of fiber everyday. Certain ethnic societies, where 70g of fiber is consumed daily, no bowel diseases occur.

However, you must know how and when to take it, so that you can avoid the it"s side effects.

Other Fiber-Rich Supplements vs This Fiber

Some of the other fiber-rich supplements other than this on the market, are:

  • B-Glucan derived from oat or barley 
  • Inulin derived from chicory root
  • Wheat Dextrin derived from hydrolyzed wheat starch
  • Glucomannam derived from the root of Amophophallus konjac

I would not recommend any of the above because they are derivatives from, no doubt, natural substances. This means that there is some processing done to get them from these natural substances.

However, this fiber is directly from the husks, and so is an economical and natural fiber supplement. Flax seeds are also a good fiber supplement.

100 gms of this fiber contains around 14 times more fiber than 100 gms of oat bran and is able to absorb and swell at least ten times its volume.

How and When to Take It

1. Drink one glass of water. Then take one tablespoon of it in a glass of water or juice and drink another glass of water. This is to ensure you have adequate amount of water to create a smooth flowing bulk fiber.

2. Do not take it with any supplements or any medication because they will also be trapped and eliminated by the fiber.

3. Take at least two hours before or after consuming anything.

4. Do not take too much of this fiber as it is more likely to create some side effect or other, if a proportionate amount of water is not consumed. At least two or three glasses of water or juice with every tablespoon of it is enough to keep it soft.

Cont'd ....

5. Throughout the day drink eight to 12 glasses of water to ensure that it  moves through the intestines easily.

6. It is advisable to take some probiotics daily on an empty stomach in the morning, if you have taken any fiber at night and vice-versa.

7. It can be added to other high fiber foods, such as oats or other cereals, and even to fruit juices to increase the fiber content of the food. This is a natural way of taking fiber .

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