Toxic Symptoms

Signs of Toxicity

Toxic symptoms indicate body toxins or ama. Yes, indeed - health is our greatest wealth. Do you have any symptoms of toxicity? If you have, then it shows you, how unhealthy you are. And when they are absent, they indicate how healthy you are.

Signs of toxicity show the severity of the presence of Body Toxins

Toxicity symptoms are the best indicators to show you whether you are fit and healthy or not.

A toxic body has a high number of toxins. These body toxins are referred to as ama in Ayurveda. It is referred to as toxins in Western medicine.

This mild toxin is the result of undigested food, bacteria and toxins, and is called ama in Ayurveda. A build-up of ama that stagnates, creates the vicious toxin amavisha.

The body shows toxic symptoms which can be used as an indication of the presence of these toxins plus other environmental toxins.

Symptoms of toxins vary in individuals because the amount of body toxins present, and where they are built-up, differ from one person to another.

If you have the first signs of toxin build-up, it is better to remove them by doing a full body cleanse before it blows out of proportion and becomes the signs of disease.

Do You Have Body Toxin or Ama Build-Up?

You have a build-up of body toxins or ama if you have the following toxic symptoms:

  • A white, sticky stuff coating your tongue in the morning.
  • Indigestion, and you feel boated with gas, after a normal meal.
  • You love eating junk foods or you lack appetite.
  • All you want to do after a meal is snooze.
  • You feel heavy.
  • A lack of mental clarity and your thinking is blur.
  • You suffer general aches and pains in your body.
  • You are not grounded.
  • You are not present in the moment.
  • You feel tired and lethargic, and all you want to do is rest.
  • Your sweat, urine and stools smell foul.
  • If you have excess mucous formation.
  • Your urine is not clear.

As this body toxins or ama builds-up it can form the more toxic amavisha, which can be said to be the root of serious diseases.

Advanced Level of Toxicity Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, body toxins or ama, when it spreads to other parts of the body, becomes the poison, Amavisha. Ama build-up obstructs the channels of your physical organs and causes early toxicity signs of disease:

If you do not cleanse the body and remove the ama, it build-ups in your body and clogs the:

  • Digestive system and blocks your intestines, creating a sluggish colon with waste matter and bacteria.
  • Blood system and forms plaque.
  • Hepatic system and blocks the tubules of your liver and the bile duct.
  • Urinary-genital system and blocks your kidney tubules, and blocks the fallopian tubes.
  • Lymphatic system where the lymphs in your body do a poor job of draining fluids from tissues.
  • Muscular system and affects contraction and relaxation of your muscles.
  • Nervous system where it not only affects the clarity of your mind but you experience low energy as well.

Amavisha - The Root of Diseases!

Amavisha is the root of many health conditions and diseases, such as:

  • Constipation or loose stools
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • High concentration of tri-glycerides
  • Gall stones and Liver Stones
  • Kidney stones
  • Infertility
  • Glaucoma
  • Fibroids, cysts and tumors
  • Bacterial infection
  • Yeast infection such as Candida albicans

Auto-immune diseases. Asthma, arthritis and body pain are aggravated by the immune system's reaction to ama

Affects metabolism that results in diabetes II and weight-gain.

How do you overcome toxic symptoms?

Detoxify And Overcome Toxic Symptoms

A way to be free of unhealthy conditions and later diseases in your middle and old-age, is to detoxify the body by doing a full body cleansing at least twice a year.

A complete body cleanse will remove built-up of toxins such as ama, and they start to disappear. So, the lack of symptoms of toxicity, are the yardstick with which you measure how healthy you are.

After cleansing, change your lifestyle to eat foods that are easily digestible and that balances your energies naturally.

An easy way to maintain your body's health is to remove body toxicity daily through simple Ayurveda daily cleanse methods and diet.

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