Treatment for Psoriasis

by Susan
(PJ, Malaysia)

I am Susan from PJ, Malaysia.

My 18 year old daughter has psoriasis. She's had psoriasis for the past 4 years. Her psoriasis is the aggressive kind that started off as severe dandruff and then after the first application of steroid cream progressed downward to her face neck and her back.

She did a Food Intolerance Test and we found she is intolerant to gluten, dairy, eggs, asparagus, banana, among other foods.

She generally avoids the above foods and she now has psoriasis mainly on her scalp, i.e. her psoriasis is in check when she avoids foods she is intolerant to.

Recently a live blood analysis showed many parasites (rice grain shaped) in her blood. There were about 50 of these parasites (toxoplasma gondii?) to one red blood cell!
(We keep dogs, and at one point in our lives prior to her getting psoriasis, we had kittens).

I freaked out of course. The attending doctor was not able to confirm what the parasite was.
We went on to do blood tests that indicated that she was NOT infected. However the live blood analysis showed she had plenty of some parasite!

My daughter is tired a lot. She finds concentration difficult. She complains her legs and arms hurt. She has low energy levels. At 5ft 5in, she weighs about 37 kg, she is very underweight.

She also has a yeast infection, her panties often have a discharge on them, white to yellowish in colour and powdery.

I am keen to start her on a program to get rid of the parasites. I am aware that given the huge number of parasites in her, getting rid of them first is not the best option.

I'm sure her liver is overburdened with toxins as it is and hesitate to embark unknowingly on a detox that will kill the parasites and overburden the liver further.

She is on probiotics and many other supplements.

Any advice you can give me is much appreciated.

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Regular Body Cleansing
by: Daniel Davis

It sounds as though there are many concerns that she is dealing with, and a complete cleanse may be best in over coming these issues.

The best approach for addressing the root cause of poor health is through regular body cleansing.

Degenerative health conditions typically result from your body becoming so contaminated with toxic waste that your internal self-healing mechanism loses its ability to keep your body cleansed and healthy.

Most people absorb thousands of health depleting toxins every day from

  • Meat

  • Milk

  • Genetically modified foods

  • Microwaved foods

  • Soy

  • Alcohol

  • Prescription drugs

  • Stress

  • Refined sugar

  • Air

  • Caffeine

  • Water

  • Heavy metals

  • Vaccines

  • Harmful organisms

  • White flour

  • Refined salt

  • Electromagnetic radiation

  • Pesticides

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

  • Industrial chemicals

  • .....and the list goes on.

    Read more on cleansing on How to Cleanse Your Body

Psoriasis Treatment
by: Kamala

Hi Susan

It's sad to hear of a young girl having to go through Psoriasis.

What I feel is that a Whole Body Cleanse will do her a lot of good.

She needs to do a parasite cleanse often, as she has pets around.

My web site has info about a Whole Body Cleanse. Please do read it.

I'll not write much as I've asked for a second opinion. As soon as I get that info, I'll create a web page and direct you to it from here.

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