How Many Types of Toxins Are There?

How many types of toxins are there?

What are the body toxins? -  ayurveda ama and the more poisonous amavisha.

There are toxins in the air, toxins in the water system, and toxins such as pesticides, fungicides and chemical additives in modern day food that create havoc in your body.

According to Ayurveda, there are three types. Two of them are internal toxins, that is ama and amavisha and the third is environmental toxins or garavisha.

What is the source of ama Ayurveda?

Ayurveda ama is a mild toxin found in the body. Ama is the white stuff you find coating your tongue when you get up in the morning or when you are sick. Ayurveda ama can create an even more toxic poison called amavisha.

Are there any other toxin types that affect the body?

Let us look at the three different toxin types.

Ama Ayurveda Mild Body Toxin

Ama in Ayurveda is a mild toxin, which is a result of poor digestion.

In Ayurveda, digestion takes place when the digestive fires, that is, the power of digestion is strong.

Incomplete digestion is due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is unhealthy to eat foods that lower your digestive power, as they are difficult to digest. This leads to the formation of a type of toxin, called ama in Ayurveda.

Here are foods that are difficult to digest:

  • Rich diary products - concentrated milk products, hard cheeses
  • Meat
  • Fried foods
  • Processed foods
  • Other Junk foods
  • Cold foods such as ice-cream and cold beverages
  • Overnight left-over foods

Amavisha - Toxic Body Toxin

Amavisha is one of the more toxic types of toxins. It is formed from ama when you continue living an unhealthy lifestyle.

It forms because of excess build-up of Ayurveda ama. If ama the less toxic, body toxin, is not cleansed from the body, it travels to different parts of the body.

This body toxin, ama, can accumulate in different parts of the body - in the subtle channels and the channels in the organs.

As ama in Ayurveda builds-up, it clogs. If it remains stagnant for long, it mixes with body-fluids and tissues to form amavisha or ama poison.

Amavisha is the root cause of diseases.

The digestive tract, tubules in the liver, arteries, veins and capillaries, fallopian tubes etc get blocked as a result of the change of ama into amavisha.

When amavisha hardens it causes problems in joints, arteries and other areas of the body.

Garavisha - Environmental Toxins

In Ayurveda, environmental toxins, called garavisha, are toxins that are introduced into the body from the external environment. 

Some of these types of toxins form ama and some are processed by the liver and excreted. Others that are too numerous for the liver to handle, are stored under fat tissue, joints etc.

Some of these environmental toxins can become toxic in the body, and an Ayurveda physician can help with garavisha toxin cleansing.

Some of the sources of garavisha are:

Food Toxins

Processed food can contain preservatives, food additives, food colorings and other toxic food chemicals

Harmful Toxins

Found in polluted water, which can include metal toxins, pesticides or chemicals in your water supply. Chlorine is commonly used to purify city water, yet is toxic to the body, especially the skin

Heavy Metal Toxins

Such as mercury, found concentrated in fish, and in metal fillings used for tooth cavities

Chemical Toxins

Such as DDT. DDT are not banned in a few countries. The use of DDT can seep into our food chain. Other chemicals are on the rise such as toxic household supplies and detergents.

Chemical additives are added to most processed junk foods.

Microbial Toxins

Such as bacterial toxins

Worm Toxins

Produced by intestinal worms

Toxic Gas

Present in the air due to air pollution

How can you get rid of Ama, Amavisha and Garavisha...

How To Get Rid of Ama, Amavisha and Garavisha

It is easy to clear ama with a simple herbal cleanse or detox or even daily oilp-pulling. However it is not easy to clear the more toxic toxins such as amavisha and garavisha.

It is best to do an Ayurvedic Consultation to clear the more advanced toxins such as amavisha or garavisha.

Through an Ayurveda Consultation you will be able to test your body energy type or dosha and the right treatment recommended accordingly.

Anyway get a start ahead with a cleanse or detox. Once you have done a cleanse, follow a healthy lifestyle.

It is difficult to avoid many of the environmental toxins. So, I highly recommend that you do a whole body cleanse at least twice a year.

Age gracefully by doing a complete body cleanse. Be free of the different types of toxins, and have a healthy and slim body.

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