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A weight loss cleanse, I find is the best way to lose weight. It is a whole body cleanse, and it finally keeps the liver in tip-top condition.

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, in the quotation below, refers to the liver. She is right, you know. Do a liver flush and you do a fat flush!

But...before doing a liver flush, the organs of elimination, such as the colon and kidneys must be in tip-top condition.

How do you keep your colon and kidney in tip top condition, so that a liver flush can bring the liver to tip-top condition?

You do a colon and kidney cleanse, right? You will know this if you have read Whole Body Cleanse.

And to further purify the liver, you do a parasite cleanse after a colon cleanse or liver flush..

A whole body cleanse contains a sequence of cleanses that are healthy ways to lose weight. Do the sequence and see for yourself, how much easier it is for you to lose weight.

I have been on the weighty side for some years now. I found it difficult to lose weight.

However when I started this website, I had no intention of doing a weight loss cleanse to lose weight.

My intention was to cleanse my body, and experience a whole body cleanse so that I could write for this website. So far I have only had experience with colon cleansing.

My Experience With a Whole Body Cleanse

In May 2011, I did the sequence of a whole body cleanse. With the sequence, I lost weight, which was not my intention. My intention was to experience whole body cleanse to write for Ultra Cleanse Guide.

Many people have since asked me if I am dieting, as I have lost weight. I find I do not even need to diet with the whole body cleanse. I eat well now, whereas before I had to watch what I eat.

I have become slim. My face too has slimmed out and so has my midriff. My stomach is flatter. My chubby cheeks are gone and my nose less puffy.

It is with this experience I know for sure that a whole body cleanse is a weight loss cleanse and will boost any weight loss program. 

The best weight loss cleanse program is one that includes a whole body cleanse and starts with a colon cleanse and ends with a liver cleanse or liver flush.

This will remove toxins from the colon and the liver, as well as from joints and cellulite tissue.

Cellulite breakdown makes it easy for you to lose fat and thereby lose weight.

Excess Toxins Are Stored as a Safety Measure

Bad eating habits can overload your body with toxins. When toxins flood your body system, it compromises the body's natural cleanse mechanism.

The colon and liver cannot get rid of the toxins fast enough. If these toxins are continually released into the blood, the major organs could be poisoned.

But the body has certain mechanisms that prevent toxins from circulating. It stores these toxins in certain areas in the body so as not to poison the rest of the body.

Where Are Excess Toxins Stored

Excess toxins are stored:

  • In joints where they create aches and pains.
  • Under the skin in water in fat tissue. This tissue is then called cellulite.
  • With unwanted waste matter in the colon. This can create digestive problems like constipation. A colon cleanse will greatly help in getting rid of the waste matter.
  • In the hepatic and bile ducts, as bile and cholesterol. This can create liver stones or gallbladder stones which later need to be removed. The best way to remove them is with a series of liver flushes at certain intervals.

These stored toxins prevent the poisoning of the major organs, which could otherwise be life-threatening.

Experience Fast Weight Loss Cleanse

After a whole body cleanse you will experience a fast healthy weight loss with any top weight loss programs that you get into. This is because toxins are removed from the cellulite and it is now easier to metabolize the fat that remains.

You may not even have to go on any weight loss program, because you would have lost weight in the process of dumping those extra toxins and waste matter stored in the colon during your weight loss cleanse!

Stubborn Cellulite: A Safety Mechanism

Previously it was so difficult to get rid of the cellulite and you had to do all kinds of ways to beat it. I believe cellulite is a defense mechanism. Something that was created to store the toxins so that they do not harm any major organs in the body.

It is difficult for you to lose the fat in the cellulite. It is a safety mechanism that your body is going to hold on to with sheer force to protect itself from the damaging effects of toxins.

Before, to get rid of cellulite you had to either do various contortions at the local gym or you had to use some drastic diet. A diet that may have even sabotaged your efforts because it made your body store more fat in anticipation of your starving mode!

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

Cleansing the colon gets rid of excess waste matter that easily shed a few pounds from your body.

Once the toxins and waste matter are released from cellulite, it is easier to lose weight. So, do it before going onto any weight loss program.

Liver Flush

A liver flush will not only get rid of toxins but also cholesterol. Cholesterol can form stones and block the hepatic tubules where bile flows out. Bile that contains cholesterol and toxins will flow out easily if the stones are removed with a liver flush, and excreted through the colon.

As I was saying, the best way to lose weight...the healthy way is a Whole Body Cleanse.

The Healthy Way To Lose Weight

After my experience with cleansing and detoxifying my body, I have no doubt that it is the start to the best weight loss cleanse. A whole body cleanse rather than just a colon cleanse as advocated by many websites is the ultimate weight loss cleanse.

The sequence of cleanses in a whole body cleanse are healthy ways to lose weight. The sequence - a Bowel Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse and a Gallbladder Flush make up a good weight loss cleanse. Do the sequence and see for yourself.

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