What Is a Good Weight Loss Cleanse?

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Kamala Answers:

What is a good weight loss cleanse? That is a million dollar question, no billion dollar. The US alone spends billions of dollars each year in weight loss programs.

Most weight loss programs may make you lose weight but after the program, it is very easy to start to gain it all back again. This is because the person has not changed the most important thing to maintain the new weight - lifestyle.

Reverting back to a unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food is definitely going to bring the weight back.

So, let's get back to the question. What is a good weight loss cleanse?

A good weight loss cleanse is not a colon flush, nor a liver flush. It includes a series of different cleanses. It consists of a whole body cleanse.

A good weight loss cleanse is a whole body cleanse.

A whole body cleanse consists of a series of cleanse beginning with parasite removal, a colon flush, a kidney cleanse and finally the gem of cleanses - the liver flush.

You may ask, "Why can't I just do a colon flush as a weight loss cleanse. I am sure it will remove a lot of gunk that has been accumulating for years. This will make me lose weight, wouldn't it?"

Yes it would, but...

And, you continue, “Or why can't I just do a liver cleanse as a weight loss cleanse. That's going to increase my metabolism and I'll lose weight , won't I?"

Yes, you will, but...

Let me explain...

It's good that you are at least thinking of the best weight loss cleanse. No individual cleanse can help you lose weight in a big way.

Only a total body cleanse can help you lose weight or at least put you in the right frame of body to lose weight..

And why is that so? Let's look at each of the cleanses in the total body cleanse and see how they work together to effectively help you in your weight loss efforts.

Why is a parasite cleanse important. A parasite cleanse will kill any parasites and remove them.

Oh! so you thought you do not have parasites did you?
If you eat meat or handle pets or work in the garden, you are more prone to it.

Parasites not only make your abdomen big if there are a lot of them, but can also produce toxins. These toxins may be too much for the liver to process and so they are sent to joints or fat tissue to be stored.

The parasites themselves can find their way to the liver tubules. This means the function of your liver is impaired, and so it cannot handle the extra toxins you put into your stomachs daily in the form of unhealthy foods.

A bowel cleanse will remove any parasites, waste or fecal matter and toxins from the colon. When you eliminate old fecal matter, you definitely will find that you have got a flatter abdomen.

But, know this. When you use any colon cleanses, make sure you take some form of probiotics. Otherwise you will wonder why you still have a protruding stomach.

When your colon cleanses, it may remove all the good bacteria that aids digestion. So, replacing them is important for a flat tummy.

A colon that is clean of toxins will be able to help to eliminate toxins and bile released by the liver during the liver cleanse.

But let's not forget a kidney cleanse. A kidney cleanse will remove any stones found in the minute tubules. If the stones are removed, the kidney becomes more efficient at removing fluid from the kidneys which also contain toxins released by the liver and other parts of the body.

Now let's look at the liver. The best cleanse for weight loss is the liver flush after all the other cleanses I mentioned above are done. The other cleanses support the liver in cleansing toxins

The liver has a natural cleanse mechanism that cleanses daily. It is only when your lifestyle consists of lots of meat and junk food, including white sugar and white flour, that the liver is overwhelmed.

To protect the body of these toxins, the liver sends them to different parts of the body, which are deemed safe for the life of the person.

Body toxins are sent to joints and stored causing joint pains.

Weight watchers beware, the liver loves to send the extra toxins it cannot deal with to the fat tissue below the skin. Here the toxins are in water in the fat tissue and you get the cellulite, which is difficult to remove.

As you continue this cleansing the toxins are going to be pulled out of the joints. Relieve of painful joints are a bonus.

As you continue, more toxins are pulled out of cellulite and it breaks down to release the fat, which can now be processed. Exercise will also help burn it up. It's no more the stubborn fat aka cellulite, around your belly and thighs.

See how all the cleanses are connected together. So the best weight loss cleanse is a total body cleanse. It can also help you change your lifestyle.

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by: Kamala

A whole body cleanse involves cleansing the colon, removing parasites, cleansing the kidneys and finally cleansing the liver.

You can take the following to do a whole body cleanse:

Calcium Bentonite Clay, which cleanses and detoxifies your colon and removes parasites. Follow that with a Kidney cleanse using watermelon juice, and a liver cleanse, using olive oil, lemon juice and epsom salts. Read about the various cleanses below.

You can read about them on this website by clicking on the left-hand margin index under the sections:

Aging Section for Whole Body Cleanse
Colon Section for Bowel Cleanse
Kidneys Section for Kidney Cleanse
Parasites Section for Parasite Cleanse
Liver Gallbladder Section for Liver flush

Whole body cleanse
by: Angela

What do I take for a whole body cleanse

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