What is Constipation?

Blocked "Internal Plumbing"

What is constipation? Do you suffer a blocked "internal plumbing" due to a sluggish colon or impacted feces of hard stools? Check out the Bristol stools chart.

More than 63 million people in the USA suffer from chronic constipation in 2004 as you can see in the infogram below. 

What Is Constipation

Constipation is the result of slow irregular bowel movements. The longer, feces sits in the colon, the more water is absorbed. It thus forms hard, dried out stools that you need to strain to eliminate.

Elimination is not easy as the colon may have impacted feces and hardened mucus, which also contains a lot of bacteria and parasites. The lumen or the passageway through which the tightly packed stools travel is narrow.

This does not mean the person doesn't go to toilet. They go, but not all the waste matter is eliminated. Over the years some may be trapped and may even cause mucoid plaque in the future.

Hardened feces can sit in the colon for months if not years, until a bowel cleanse is done. Meanwhile it produces toxins.

I used to be constipated off and on. I could feel that my rectum and colon had not fully evacuated, but I thought it was normal.

Then I started walking on the grass to feel the connection with mother earth. The walk not only ended my constipation problem, but I also felt my rectum evacuates completely whenever I go to the toilet. It had a nice clean feeling.

Later, since stray cats started using our garden as though it was their special pathway, I had to stop walking barefoot because of the worms they transmit through their stools.

Now that I've started taking Calcium Bentonite clay. I can start walking barefoot again. Clay is my "insurance" against worms.

Anyway going back to the issue of constipation - after I did the whole round of whole body cleanse, my constipation flew out of the window.

After briefly looking at What Is Constipation, lets now look at the two types of constipation.

Chronic Constipation and Acute Constipation

Before we look at look at, what is constipation?, let me mention that there are two types of constipation - chronic and acute constipation

This website will focus more on chronic constipation or long term constipation.

Acute constipation is recent constipation. It may be due to some growth in the colon. Acute constipation needs urgent medical attention and is beyond the scope of Ultra Cleanse Guide.

The average chronically constipated person can have at least five pounds of impacted feces and other gunk permanently established in their colon. Some may have even 10 pounds or more of feces. They are actually walking sewers!

Constipation is a sign of autointoxication, as the toxins in the waste matter spill into the bloodstream.

Colon toxicity is the basis for colon diseases.

A colon is similar to a plumbing system. 

A Blocked Plumbing System

What is constipation? I call it a blocked "internal plumbing".

Imagine if water moves through a plumbing system, for a long time, various substances from the water, and the rust from the iron pipes gets deposited on the walls of the pipe.

Little by little, the opening of the pipe narrows, and soon the deposits block the smooth flow of the water.

Sometimes after a pipe repair job, there is an air block, because air had entered during the repair work. An air block stops water from flowing, until it is cleared.

Similarly, the deposits like the intestinal plaque that contains undigested food, feces, toxins and mucus can narrow the inner opening of the colon, and block the flow of waste matter.

Gas is also produced by the action of harmful bacteria in the decaying and rotting food in the intestines, and blocks the colon.

Of course lax bowel muscles or pelvic floor muscles could create constipation. 

Are You Constipated?

Do you move your bowels three times a day, or as many times as you have a meal? Do you eliminate soft well-formed stools?

Then, your colon is not sluggish and you have a healthy colon. You are neither constipated nor autointoxicated, nor will you suffer from colon diseases. And you are on the wrong page!

According to the medical field, if you do not go to the toilet for three days, you are considered constipated.

However others believe that if you go to the toilet infrequently, say every other day, you are considered constipated.

Some people even find that having a bowel movement every few days is normal. A few years ago, I used to think that it was normal too. Now I know better.

However from experience I found that a colon cleanse alone will not normalize your bowels. Anyway that was true for me, as I was still occasionally constipated.

After I did a whole body cleanse did I get two bowel movements a day.

You have to do the whole works that is, a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a kidney cleanse and finally a liver cleanse. This whole body cleanse, I call the ultra cleanse. 

Check out the Bristol Stool Chart below, which groups human feces into seven groups. Referred to as the 'Meyers Scale' in UK. Created by Heaton at the University of Bristol. First published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology in 1997.

Now, you know what is constipation, don't you? Only you can overcome constipation. Only you can overcome hard stools, impacted feces and most of all a sluggish colon with a little determination. Do I hear you say, how?

How To Deal With Constipation

Sometimes you may just require a few sessions of a high colonic cleanse or some herbal laxative to clear your colon.

After that continue with a parasite cleanse, a kidney cleanse and the jewel of all cleanses, the liver detoxification. You will be closer to normal bowel movements of three times a day. Some may require more sessions.

Knowing, "What is constipation?" is not enough.

Do a whole body cleanse program to clear it. And finally, change your lifestyle to replace junk food with fiber-rich food. And you will not have to suffer constipation.

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